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Since I got some good feedback on the guestbook, I thought I would link one up here — something for Reverend Beast to read on the codexed.com journal and a few others too if they’re interested. I am going to add more pages too on this location but I want to make it where it will have a guestbook for people to sign and leave links to their actual websites. The freebie link on Codexed I am linking in this entry is titled Unnerved Sleeping. I wrote this one offline when I bought the laptop last week. I had the computer a week now and it is starting to see how much fun this is going to be. I have added a few people to my following list on the blog, that would be everyone I am in contact with who have a wordpress.com blog.
      This entry that I have written is one of the freakier ones I’ve done and some entries are something that will get noticed for one reason or another. I am thinking about having it linked from Horrorfind.com like I had the diary-x journal linked. I try to keep the entries here on the blog between 1000-1800 words because people will bitch saying too long and didn’t read. Well a lot of writers seem to employ wordpress for their blog but they seem to forget about having a real website. I am borrowing one of the Halloween layouts for the blog here so it has the dark theme for the thing. I am also going to link up Dreams As Going Under for those who want a free read too. I will be working on Writings From The Grave again when I get to the other computer and burn the files on disk. I have to open everything in notepad before I can write the code for the website. Internet Explorer 10 doesn’t open the html files in notepad. I noticed that someone had been calling me a ripoff writer on Shocklines too — how could I rip off myself?
      Well as I link these freebies up I am going to scout waybackmachine.org and get some of my old entries back and running on Codexed.com, but they might be going up here as pages by themselves. I just haven’t decided yet what I am going to do with An Author’s Blog 2.0. I have a freebie up on InsaneJournal.com too and it is about the leading into going to the Poe Museum. I have a notebook full of entries that I am going to type up and publish. The content in that one would be an easy fit within the codexed journal or the diary-x journal for that matter. I just haven’t decided when I am going to do it though. Transcribing from handwritten content is very hard to do sometimes and I used to do this in college too. I am just curious to see what format I am going to use to type the composition book up in and I will be writing new freebies. Apparently when I rejoined goodreads.com a bizarro jackhole named Dustin Reade thought it would be funny to pick a fight with me on there by insulting all the writers I worked with.
      I did a google search on him to see what I could come up with, the jackhole is from bizarrocentral.com but I doubt he made any of their anthologies. The entries on here makes reference to Hertzan Chimera being that the nightmare had some very dark traits and they were surreal. The entries on the black composition book are going to be transcribed and will be published with either lulu.com or createspace.com but haven’t decided yet. I want to do a book that is just like Collectives with it being entirely nightmares — and the anthology that is replacing Issue 14 of the magazine is going to be this. I posted the submission guidelines and provided the e-mail address where to submit on a recent blog on Psyche of a Bipolar. I am thinking about getting a domain for this place too so I can do the day to day life on the blog like I do with tumblr.com.