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Well I am going to set the bookmarks on here so you can keep in touch with me on here — if you really want to get to know me visit me on http://np1976.codexed.com for my freebies, and I have my real blog on http://nickolauspacione.blogspot.com, because of the language it is set for adults only.   I am on here so I can comment on wordpress blogs,  so you can normally find me on facebook.com but the account is restricted for a few days.  My company blog is Psyche of a Bipolar and if you want to know more about my books as well as the anthologies go to my storefront on Lulu.com.   My biography is on Goodreads.com and this blog will be for when I do have guest blogs posting and keep the posts between 2000 to 2400 words with the guest blogs here.
      I will be linking my freebies up to this blog too and the vlogs will be on InsaneJournal.com as they are uploaded to youtube.com and vampirefreaks.com you can add me as LAKE FOSSIL there.  I post from time to time on Shocklines.com and been published for quite awhile now.   I was engaged but now I am getting back into the dating pool so to speak being it had been six years since I had been on a date.  I am not gay so those of you who are going around with the fake profiles on goodreads with my pictures I will reclaim the pictures.  I will not upload stories to this blog but I will use this blog for guest postings and they will be behind a cut tag.   Send the guest blogs to unclefossil@live.com as a .doc attachment.    This will also be home for interviews I conduct too online.   Pictures will be posted on InsaneJournal.com because that is the most constant blog aside from Tumblr.com where I post as nickpacione (the first time online I go as my short name.)
      I do use twitter.com as @npacione so you will see me tweeting from time to time. I will use this blog in correspondence with a few places but if you want to read my freebies they are up on AuthorsDen.com, FictionPress.com, Fanfiction.net (when I get a unique idea it will go there sometimes.) I now write from a laptop computer and relearning how to do everything on there, my tumblr is a little more uncensored with the video postings but I try to keep everything to a light R because of language. I deal with a lot of jackholes from time to time. I write using Word 2007 and Open Office, and you can find my photography posted on deviantart.com. I encourage people to sign the guestbook with Codexed.com being that the guestbook for Writings From The Grave had retired — I am trying to update the site but everything had not moved to the new computer just yet. I do run a magazine called The Ethereal Gazette which has 13 issues so far, there had been a year between one of the issues because of the computer that I was using had a modem burn out on it meaning I couldn’t use dial-up anymore.
     The layout that I am using is something that is a little different from the dark horror layouts that I use for Writings From The Grave or An Authors Journal on Codexed. I use this one for being more conversational but the BlogSpot is for being a little abrasive and making dark, offensive insults about incest. Sometimes I deal with people who I think they had parents who were brother and sister. I am very critical of writers who have their websites set up as a blog format exclusively but I go the account so I can comment on wordpress blogs.