I haven’t done this in a few years so I am a little nervous but I am going on a date tomorrow, she and I are going to Chicago Street Bar and Grill in Joliet. I never been there in the years I’ve lived in the area and usually I eat at the chicken place in town when I go. The lady is the older sister of a woman I dated when I was 19 years old. So let’s see where things go with this. I am going to do the blog about my dating life too being a bachelor in the horror genre with a bunch of idiots like the ex trying to screw me over. She said she was paying which is cool to me because I am down to my last three dollars for the month because I had to do the major purchase. I needed a computer and that was clear. I am adding to the blogroll too so to speak so each of you can get to know some of the people I associate with on facebook and e-mail.
     She offered to take me out to dinner and that is something that I needed in a long time — being around new people or familiar people just not around the family all the time. Who knows she might tweet the date or something. I knew her from back when and she has a teenage son now about my sister’s age. She was with the son when I was dating her sister back in the 1990s. I haven’t dated in a few years so let’s see where this goes because she’s up for anything. I know I’ve been single a long time here, and it is driving me crazy because the industry bullies are fucking with my social life by trying to say that my pen name is a gay lover when I am not gay. I know there are a lot of people who are going to talk and they will pull a lot of crap, they pulled it on craigslist saying I was a crazed stalker and all of that. I talk about the ex-fiancée at length on blogspot, and it is not easy trying to crawl out of that deep dark hole that was the psycho. I don’t know who reads the blogs exactly at times or watches my videos when I do a video blog online. But I am showing I am human and not this monster the business has me out to be, being that I am going on a date and being back on the market for so long — I wanted a lady to come with me to Richmond, Virginia when I went because I had no woman to share this momentum I gained from the recent events of seeing books I edited in the museum and two I wrote go there too.
      I am trying to ease the nerves and the awkwardness at times. It will feel awkward at first because I haven’t seen this woman since 1997, and the breakup between me and the younger sister. I just want this to go well after the falling out of one of my best friends after posting malicious pictures and videos on facebook.com. I am eventually planning a documentary about my life after doing the signings with SGL Entertainment in 2005 and 2007. I showed the new entry that I wrote to the would be date and she didn’t freak out at all. I guess she is ready to date someone who has a Gothic personality. Her sister started to see this but not as much as it was when we called it quits. We’re both mature adults here too so this is my first date as a man in my thirties. I wonder what dating is like for people in their thirties and being a single thirty something. It is hard to find a patient woman to put up with dating a writer and the struggles that come with it — but the thing with my occupation I had been prepared for letdowns before.