My speciality is take the old school livejournal layouts and use them for codexed.com. I charge about $50 for the full design work for this if you’re interested in me having your journal designed — drop me an e-mail at napacione@hotmail.com and payment is done after the journal is designed. It does take a bit to design a journal there because it requires a lot of HTML knowledge. You must have a guestbook installed for the layout because it is not an easy layout for the thing. The codexed type journal is the way I got published so I want to give that to others too as a way to get out there. I will design the layout as a text pad format so you can copy and paste the thing into your journal’s skeleton.
     Someone else designed the original diary-x journal layout I used as nickolaus, but I eventually got really damn good at the HTML on those locations. The place is html extensive. I do this for $50 because it takes me about three hours to get the layout to where it is to my liking. I did my layout based on the blurty account and InsaneJournal.com — they all go together. The Blurty is a day to day and will post pictures to it but it is not like what I am doing with InsaneJournal where I can post media on there.