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I am going to link one up from the diary-x journal as it is posted on Codexed.com, I had some notes on the entry being it was written in January of 2005 — I am working on an unusual one right now that will be up on Codexed within the few hours it takes for me to write it. This free read is called A Gothic Dream and if you are following my blog you will find this one on the link here. I don’t say the same thing on the different blogs twice when I link something up meaning you’re going to find new and interesting content from me as it is being written. I submitted to a magazine with one story, and reviewed a story by one of the jackholes who had been making my life a living hell on goodreads.com. You can read some of my freebies up on AuthorsDen.com too and looking for sales of my work so I can pay for the membership I have there.
     If you read the entry be sure to sign the guestbook but flames will be removed and malicious comments will be taken down from here too. You can read A Personal Stalker on Writer’s Cafe which deals with a stalker I have from Finland who likes to harass me via the mail and he created fake domains of my companies and wrote a story as my dead grandmother when she was alive. That tells you how disgusting that is, he went as far as to create a youtube.com channel to bully the hell out of me too. A Personal Stalker is a story about bullying and that is a true horror story there for the masses to read.