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I had a fun first date last night and figured I would share one of my freebies here, Weird as it Comes the staff of KHP Publishers make me the author you don’t want to have and I got a fake profile reviewing The Fandom Writer II calling it something of a drink coaster, something that works better with Limp Bizkit CDs if you as me. I am not the Limp Bizkit of horror. I don’t tell people to buy lulu.com released titles from amazon.com because we don’t get a lot of money in royalties when bought from there. All we get is a few things of small change. I will be promoting releases here too for those who want to get them they can get them from Lulu.com. I had posted about the time at the Poe Museum and they turned it into a meme fest and trying to discredit what I published so far or been published for.
      Black Death Books are scumbags and I will never submit to a scumbag. I would rather put it out myself if I had the choice and I do put it out myself. Lyth might end up giving them a sexual favor and submit something there just to start a fight with me. The feud between Lake Fossil Press and Black Death Books went on for a few years now, Koehler is playing dumb about it but she publically said Avoid Lake Fossil Press — I say if you see one of the authors you like get their other books from other publishing houses. Don’t support the publishing company because the staff are scum.
      The only difference between me and other publishers is I encourage fan fiction writers to write original works or they write for the magazine they can fan fiction Lake Fossil with a few conditions they be well read in the series and respectful of my wishes of not including m/m or f/f romance in the science fiction stories. They will be published writers if they do this, and follow the rules of the publication. There are a lot of publishers who hate these rules but I think it is reasonable enough. The guidelines for the anthology are posted on the blog Psyche of a Bipolar. If you want to comment on “Weird As It Comes” sign the guest book.