This is where I am just like William Hope Hodgson because he knows how to use the camera to capture horror too as well as he does with the written word. I am reblogging this one because it looks so damn cool. I see where they are using wordpress to put his work out there, I am one of his posthumous publishers with the namesake anthology so I am reblogging his photography. This is some of the war hero’s work.

william hope hodgson

(Although not strictly connected with William Hope Hodgson, I felt that this was just too interesting to pass up!)

It’s amazing what one can find on the internet!

Case in point: William Hope, Paranormal Investigator!

This very interesting fellow was born in Crewe, England, in 1863.  Although employed as a carpenter in his youth, Hope soon took to photography and, around 1905, became involved in ‘spirit photography’.  On a Saturday afternoon, he and a colleague photographed each other.  But when Hope exposed his negative, he was astonished to find that there was an extra figure in the picture: a transparent woman.  Hope’s colleague swore that it was the figure of his sister, dead for many years.

The organist at the Spiritualist Hall at Crewe, Mr. Buxton, helped to form a circle of friends who all sat for their own ‘spirit’ photographs.  Because they feared being exposed by devout Catholics being…

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