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There is a site that wants to feature the namesake anthology and it is the William Hope Hodgson wordpress that wants to feature the first namesake anthology. I am pleased to have published the lost treasures of horror fiction with this anthology and there are some publishers that don’t want you having this anthology because they have no respect for classic horror, and I am talking about the jackhole who has Whores in the title of his novel. This book is getting a lot of one stars on Goodreads.com because it by a bizzaro hack by the name of Dustin Reade. I read some of his work and clearly it sucks, I’ve seen fan fiction writers more talented than him. I would rather give the chance to a fan fiction writer to be a published author than publish Reade. But not to derail the post here, the anthology had been recognized by The Joliet Herald News last year and made the front page, I think they were trying to take away from the Drew Peterson case that was about to happen in Joliet.
      I tried to talk about the appearance on the paper in a thread on Shocklines and they hijacked the damn thing because they don’t want me promoting it. It bothers them that I do an anthology this, but they go around sexually molesting the thread like assholes. I never hijacked people’s threads myself and that is not my style and that would end up going into a nonstop flamewar. The one of the people doing it is responsible for the fake twitter account and jacked my page on Amazon.com with a bunch of bullshit. Trying to coin my pen name and I in a domestic partnership when I have a second date with a lady I went on a date with. I am not a homosexual clearly that bothers them, they would rather support books that are blasphemous and want to see the Christian author silenced in the business. Well they need to realize that I am not going away anytime soon as a writer or a publisher.