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I started a new manuscript to submit to an anthology that I found on ralan.com. I am not going to give the title away of the story or the anthology I am submitting to on here because there are too many from shocklines who would want the screw this over on me. K.H. Koehler actually told me to get a regular job and give up as being an author. she should go back to writing fan fiction because she sucks as a human being. I am about 989 words on the new story that I am trying to make about 4000 words even and the idea came from the feud that KHP Enterprises invoked with this and figured I would take it to a new level because I think they were behind the fake profile on goodreads.com as well as on twitter. I think that Colbert came up with the bullshit bio about my pen name and I being fag lovers, only he would do something that low if you ask me.
     I am trying to do this new one for the anthology I found and it is 20% royalties — that was inspiration enough for me to start on the story. My advice to Koehler is that she should get the fucking job working at Burger King if she is going to be a bitch about it. Some of the new entries on Codexed is getting a good reception on facebook and working on a submission call via InsaneJournal.com. The jagoffs on KHP are saying I use hunt and peck to type well no I don’t I would type in large spans of paragraphs then would take a break then I would type some more later on. I am trying to get the story about 2500 words before I submit the story off to an anthology. I am thinking of a few more anthologies I can submit to as well. There are a few who would want to screw me over in this department just because of what I said about them having a tumor on their nuts.
      They are trying to see to it that I never get a submission, and I will never support an author or publisher who railroads a thread or tries to screw over a publication by sending $ .01 donations via paypal.com. They can stick a shotgun up their ass and pull the trigger for that kind of stunt. That shows how amoral they are and my ex-fiancée is collaborating with them too which makes it even more sickening. Pulling out Shrunk and Whites because that doesn’t help with writing horror. Danse Macabre teaches the writer how to write horror. That is what I recommend for a would be horror writer, but if you’re submitting to Black Death Books give up now because that is a world of corruption that you don’t want to be involved with.