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While I am working on the manuscript for the next anthology that is accepting submissions, I am trying to promote the freebies too. Those of you who are on bizarrocentral.com take notes with the entry that is called Weird As It Comes because that has elements of the bizarro in there but it is full blown horror. The submissions I am talking about here are author’s actual nightmares they have and must have a storyline to them. This is the make up anthology for Issue 14 meaning this will replace Issue 14 then Issue 15 will still be the local issue. The anthology is more focused here than other anthologies I edited being they didn’t quite have a theme to them. I am looking for horror that is of the nightmare sense, meaning they must be the writer’s actual nightmares — being they are invoked from health problems or trauma. It’s all good, but no m/m, f/f or m/trans entries for this meaning I don’t want GLBT content for this thing.
     The things you must read to get the feel for this are my journal on Codexed.com and Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape namely the stories Among Shadows and Places of the Cold within the pages of the book. Those are the two entries in the book that really define what I am looking for here — the word count being between 2400-6600 words with the e-mail address being nickolauspacione@aim.com. If you hijacked my thread on shocklines with this on there you are not allowed to submit because I am not interested in anything comic book related. I am inviting writers from the Nightmare On Elm Street Fandom to write for this too if they are inclined to give it a go — no copyrighted characters for this. Take the submissions and send them as a .doc attachment for the anthology. The deadline is when filled with the anthology being I either get 180 pages or 260 pages. I will go to print with 190 pages with this one including the bio pages, include a location photograph of you where you are not at home. That is part of the fun of this one meaning it can be at a hotel or a hostel too.
      Give the sumbission, it must have a storyline to the dream meaning it had to tell a story for this to work — nothing that’s random. If you get stuck you can read Dead Child’s Prayer or Weird as it Comes. I will be including Hello and Good Night into the anthology. The photograph I am using for my editor photo was taken at the Edgar Allan Poe museum in the Red Death Room. I am looking for the writers to be descriptive with this, and if they do it well — and published, they are looking at $10.00 via PayPal.com. Indent the paragraphs using the rulers on the word processor, I recommend using Word for writing the entry but I will be using Open Office to format the book. I will be working from both the desktop and the laptop to edit the anthology.
      I would be donating the anthology to St. Joseph’s Hospital and to Rush Medical Center for patients to have something cool to read while they are in the hospital. Christians if you want to use your nightmare to share your faith go for it, but do it in a way where it wouldn’t be preachy though. Be thought provoking and do it in a way where it will engage the reader. I want to have the readers of bizarrocentral to have something cool to read and give the things I have to offer a chance, they thought of me as a threat because I was looking for clean bizarro submissions. I can do this style and did it with Damnation Observes. I am looking for some dark subject matter here but offering some hope in the darkness. I am keeping my friend’s testimony in mind here with the submissions, but I want to get as many submissions as possible for this and have something to pick out for them when I get done with everything when it goes to print and everything.