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Since there is a bitch going around saying this chapbook should be used as a drink coaster, I am going to tell her if she is going to say that don’t hide behind a fake name. I noticed my former room mate’s ex-boyfriend decided to libel my memoir in the process but in the book he is the one who is getting screwed because he is the person who was writing that damned male male slash story between me and my son, then decided to libel me on youtube in a comment he made. He can kiss my ass for that matter, anyway I am still working on the short story at 4:20 in the morning here. I have about 2,800 words of it written and I got a few takers with the anthology I am working on. I am a bit pissed that a fan fiction writer is getting celebrated for her novels, if that was me looking at them first for consideration they would never had seen print.
      My crazy ex-fiancee is going around collaborating with Black Death Books to smear me and she follows the fake account on twitter of me that is @nickypacione — the people who follow him are blind and don’t understand that I am telling the truth about someone like him and the ones who are similar to him, namely the one named Paul Mall on goodreads.com who is convinced that I lost my company and I was some fag fanfiction writer with my pen name as a fag mate. I am not a fag so get that out of your head right now, the fucker doesn’t have the stones to reveal who he really is — I think he is a sock puppet of someone who had been trolling on the site. Goodreads has as many trolls as livejournal.com did. The trolls there hide behind no picture or a fake picture they steal from the internet, then try to convince the world that I am the serial plagiarist named David Boyer. Plagiarists don’t blog or do videos talking about what they do as a writer.
      The writers who give me flack in this business are like a gang in terms of you insult one, they all gang up on you — almost if they are taking turns sodomizing each other in that sense of the word. I read one of Koehler’s fan fiction stories and clearly she sucks as a writer — trying to be edgy and extreme, well she is trying too hard. I don’t even try to be edgy it just comes out that way. So my question is, do you really want this title? So this is what you do — sign up with Lulu.com and get it from there so I get paid more money than if you buy it from Amazon.com. Though Amazon.com sells them for the cost but we don’t get the royalties like when you buy the title from Lulu.com. I am offering review copies to a select few but they must not pirate out the chapbooks. If you know me in real life get the book as a conversation piece saying, “yeah I remember him from when.” There are jagoffs on shocklines who also troll vampirefreaks.com without showing their actual faces, the anonymous jagoffs are cowards that buy the book so they rip it apart. I am thinking when I go to video they get scared, well one jagoff decided to go video to address me — he is still a jagoff.