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My friend’s heavy metal band has a new album out, I heard their track Breathe and this rocks. If you want to read Ray’s story “Path of a Psycho” it is found in Lake Fossil Press Anthologies: The Condensed Volumes.. The condensed volume consists of the lesser known publications and not so well received projects that I’ve done including the obscure but highly rated anthology More Frightening Than Fiction. I am looking to give this anthology a proper sequel too — hopefully one of the books will be the dream anthology. I planned the guidelines as part of the $3 download of the submission schedule.
      Since some of the older friends decided to shit on what I did because I am following what I wanted to do, while they were slaving at a job they hate — the newer friends had been making things happen for themselves. I sealed the deal for the story that Ray wrote at a movie premiere they played at in 2008. I broke in Deon Sandz too on this one issue too and it became the joke name the guys night out issue because it was an all male line up and a lot of testosterone going around with the stories. Ray was working on the CD for a few years too now and that is available on CDBaby.com, get the book and CD together.
      I did a review of Exile on Vampirefreaks.com under the metal section, Breathe takes the blueprint they did with Shadows and did a double bass attack throughout the song Ray shows what he is capable of as a guitarist too here. Listen to Breathe on MySpace.com. Ray is a damn good soloist too here, it is not as much a shred as Randy of Ozzy but it is one that wails too goes right into the hard drumming here. The double bass is more evident in this one, and what you see with Ray’s story it is told from a dead man’s point of view as he is fried on old sparky.

Dark Star Records

Dark Star Records recording artist Grigori 3 release their hot new single “Inferno”. This Chicago based band is bringing you metal, industrial, and alternative all wrapped up in one song . “Inferno” is a teaser for their Sophomore album “On Your Six” coming out in 2012. The band has been working with Grammy nominee producer Matt Mercado in the making of the album “On Your Six” to showcase more of their metal roots. Before the album is released worldwide, fans will have the opportunity to purchase a special pre-release autographed copy exclusively at the Dark Star Records online store. This limited edition full length album will be available on November 22nd to purchase for only $13.00 and is a must have for any fan of Grigori 3 or the genre. The song “Inferno” will also appear in the cable series pilot “Jezebeth” as well as the full length vampire horror…

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