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Those of you looking for a dark read this Christmas season, I am giving a very generous preview of the memoir for those who want read the book before they buy the book. This book did get pirated and Black Death Books reviewed a pirated copy not saying where they got it from. I give a preview of the book in from of the piece called I Want To See You In Black on AuthorsDen.com.
       I am going to order more copies of the book so I can sell signed copies of the book on AuthorsDen.com’s bookstore. I have a couple copies left of Emanations where they can be signed by me. I showed the book to a few people as a work in progress and there are others who intend on trying to libel me as a GLBT writer when I don’t touch GLBT content. Why must they libel me like that when I don’t touch gay content with a ten foot pole, don’t they read the bio about me on here being I will not publish male male romance or female female romance. I don’t like when the fruits go around libeling my books as “gay erotica” or “drag queens” because that is not what the book is about — I will link the preview for everyone here so they can read a generous portion, I’m being more than generous with the preview of the book.
      I’ve been the subject of workplace bullying in the industry by people who are posting images that cost me my best friend because I yelled at him for posting the images from Encyclopedia Dramatica, and the fucks from Fandom Wank like to try and ruin me by talking down on Lulu.com. All they do is masterbate around fanfiction stories resembling the remark “slash writing fags.” The late Barbara Malenky coined this book as the book that will make Collectives a darker book because of reading this book, if you think Collectives is too confusing, read this book first because it gives insight on the stories behind Collectives too. There are a lot of people who are from the community that demands me to apologize for some of the things I’ve said on my blogs — I will not apologize for any of it and for the one called Paul Mall on Goodreads.com.
      It had come to my attention that the bastard is completely convinced that I am the plagiarist David Boyer’s many aliases when I do a blog and go to video. Plagiarists don’t talk about what they are going to do, and when I am working on a manuscript for an anthology right now. The son of a bitch is going around saying I retired from the industry and went into a domestic partnership with Lloyd Phillip Campbell, when he is my pen name. I have a character in the new story where they libel her the same way. That is as low as someone writing as my deceased grandmother to insult me on lulu.com using the moniker of “Lake Fossil Piss” well I am working on the story right now and it is about 4,800 words. The same size as either House of Spiders or Spectral Exile — this is going to define me in the 2010s when it gets submitted out like The Midnight Diner did in Issue 12. The memoir is one thing I had to write so I could focus on the more serious horror stories of my career.