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I am happy to say I got the manuscript titled Curse of an Anthology done and sent off to a magazine for consideration because the anthology I wrote this for the e-mail kept bouncing. I really wanted to send to that anthology. I am disappointed there but I am pleased to say I will be working on three anthologies, one is a charity project and the other is a 4theluv anthology. The third one is a paying market. I have the guidelines for the two published on InsaneJournal.com. The new freebie has a lot in common with the bizarro writer counterparts in the genre fiction community as the new story does too so I am trying to see if they would take it but it might be too traditional horror for the publication. The weirdness of that story entirely falls from the last book in the New Testament. I showed the woman I am dating one of the prospective sites I submitted to and she got weirded out. The story it is a longer short story for me because it is over 5000 words. The freebie is just over 2000 words, and I am looking for an anthology that I am going to do that is going to be something different from the Gothic Horror that made me the horror writer I am in the business.
       While I am planning this I am going to link the freebie up for everyone to read, I sent a mass e-mail with the link to this one from my address books so they can read it for their enjoyment. This one is called Weird as it Comes, and comments on the guestbook are welcome as long they use a real e-mail address that belongs to them. It was a long night for me because I was writing this one all day and all night because I had to take the beagle out of the house. Either way if this story gets accepted somewhere in the pro or semipro markets, it is going to be a good payday for a short story. The tumblr has a picture I was trying to download from facebook but the bastards who are stealing them are making lies up about me and my sister, and the lies are so disgusting that I am not going to repeat it here because children are present. I hadn’t been this prolific in a long time so I am pleased to have the freebies up and looking for markets where I can submit and get paid for the story.