My flaw as a publisher is I am bad with names, I want to apologize to Trent for getting his last name wrong twice and to CM3 for getting his name wrong on my other blog. As for Lyth, fuck him, he is going to be a horror plaything since he fucking libeled me on amazon.com. I submitted to a magazine and seeing if they’d bite with the story then I am going to write a story playing off the libel that is put upon me by a series of assholes trying to say that me and my pen name are fags in a civil union. I don’t agree with Gay Marriage or civil union for that matter, when they call me a homophobic raging asshole means I stood up for something I believe in. I have enemies because I will stand up for what I believe in, and sometimes it will offend a lot of people when I say something. When K.H. Koehler called Dan Willow gay still that pissed me off for him because he fought to get out of that lifestyle. I don’t see Willow as gay, because it was an issue he brought before God. I didn’t know what I had in my hands when I got it but it was a testimony of an EX-Gay that was very graphic with what he did sexually.
     My whole career as a magazine publisher I got names wrong, I feel so bad for doing it because a magazine got my first name misspelled and sometimes I have to help a publisher in terms of pronouncing my last name. As for Lyth, he will be a horror plaything just haven’t written the story where it will happen yet and I will go pro with that story too. He wants to call me a homo, I will make him look like a bigger asshole. He flagged The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 10 because he wasn’t happy that I made an example out of him. When Karen decided to say I get a job if I want to make money, I basically told the twat to fuck off. She calls me this raging asshole, and when I decided to speak out against yaoi she decided to ask the question “what is wrong with yaoi?”
     I will tell you what’s wrong with it, it glorifies homosexuality that is what is wrong with it. Homosexuality is not of God, and a lot of people will argue otherwise. She co-runs Blasphemous Books, and some of the titles the published are Zombies, Werewolves, Whores. I read a sample of that book on a preview of Amazon.com and they have nothing to write home about. It is a damn buddy system there, and KHP is like a gang because if you tell one off they gang up on you like assholes.
      I actually asked one of the liars who were libeling me on goodreads.com saying that my name is another alias for David Boyer, well I am not Boyer — the damn serial plagiarist, and they are saying the “real” me writes in the “Twilight” fandom with fan fiction. That is a load of shit, then saying that Lloyd Phillip Campbell is a male model who dresses up like a unicorn for the cover of The Ethereal Gazette when that is not true either. I don’t feature unicorns on The Gazette because it doesn’t blend with the dark visions of the magazine, and I show the issue without Boyer rebooted and ready for purchase. My advice to writers is don’t post your freebies on sites like blogspot or wordpress because they get lost easy when you update the blog, if you’re doing freebies get a site like FictionPress.com or codexed.com then use the blogs to post the offsite links. Keep the word count for freebies between 1800-4000 words on codexed.com if all possible because any longer they have a fucking short attention span. The ones who had been telling me to quit are picking on the disabled, and then make fun of me because I get names wrong too. I got G. Brennan’s name wrong twice, because I used the American version of his name. He has an unusual first name.
     I got Lyth’s name wrong and he took it out on my other titles and posted parts of the magazine without the permission of the writers involved with the 10th Issue. I have a famous critic now on the message boards, none other than Ramsey Campbell. I heard of him but haven’t read his work, I respect Ram but he needs to understand the hardcore profanity and the grossly sexual insults on the board is my way of telling people who jack the thread to shut the hell up. As Lloyd, I took a hard swipe at the owner of Black Death Books by writing The Thing At The Truck Stop in Issue 6. I conducted an interview for the first time in the issue, and in the reboot I introduce the third Lake Fossil. There is a fan fiction story based off Lake Fossil that was written as an early Christmas present. I got the cover for the first namesake as Christmas present too, as well as the submissions for the second namesake. I promised everyone I would have this out by Christmas in 2011, but when it came to print I wasn’t quite happy with it because I was using new fonts to do the bio.