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The thing with Casper Phoenix is he makes all these goals he wants to set out to do but he never follows through with it. I set out what I planned to do and did it, when he made all these plans it is just talk for him. He went to college for one thing but never was able to get a job with it. When he sees what I am doing with myself he gets a little mad because he wants in, but when he does he wants to take over a project. Such as the documentary that I am filming – he wants to take that one over too and what does he want to do with it is something I don’t know but I want to do the documentary following me around after Gothicfest 2007 and leading to the Poe Museum as a return visit.
     He doesn’t understand the gravity of the project and that is part of the reason I really want to get a staff of people who know what they are doing when it comes to filming. One of the people I enlisted for this is someone he doesn’t approve of but I don’t care I know the guy from high school and has the radio television production background like I do. I know what I want to do with the documentary and the writing of it comes to mind here.
     What he wants to do is something that is something he planned for years but never followed through with those plans. When I followed though with what I was going to do it happened but I had to make it happen for myself. There was no delusions of grandeur there but I did it myself by making the connections go through that was how I got the book signings I got when I did a do a handful of signings. The documentary I want to achieve is to show people how my life did change and how much it stayed the same.
     The whole thing was pitched Casper but he wanted to take it over being he might not have anything interesting to share with the world. I had a life that would inspire a few writers and seeing that doing a documentary would bring life to the memoir and showing people what I had to put up with from the nay-saying rivals to people like Casper saying that I can’t do it. That is something that I am looking to show the world when I do the documentary showing it can be done and done upon one’s own terms. The thing with Casper is he makes all these plans years in advance but when the year comes time for him to deliver the goods he comes short of the goal.
     He might read this and get a bit upset but that is the truth about him, I mean we’ve been friends a long time but he can’t handle when the truth staring back at him in the face about all these plans he made are just pipe dreams unrealized.