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This is one of the new freebies posted but written last month but posted it from the library when the WiFi went out. I am pleased with this one and the way it came out. If anyone I see making it into a screenplay I could see the guy who wrote 3 O’Clock High doing it. Those of you following my blog and wanting to reblog this one you have my permission as long you’re not mocking the entry because it is about being mocked on the radio. The thing came from a nightmare I had about being on the radio and the person who called me the “Retarded H.P. Lovecraft Rip-off” called in and said that one and I ended up cussing him out on the radio. I wrote about this entry on another blog where I am supposed to take part in a sleep study. I am writing out another entry for the journal on codexed.com and these will be an eventual book.