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showing the archive

The entry that is going to define 2012 for me is the one titled String of Nerves.  I never did the post using this feature to see how it works.   String of Nerves I encourage people to link back on their other blogs and spread the word about it  — the entry is a nightmare about being called out of name on a regular basis and that is something that Reverend Beast could relate to being we were in the same homeroom.  I did an expanded blog on http://nickpacione.tumblr.com about the entry and on the archive you can read everything I’ve written this year up to this point,  I am working on one right now for Codexed.com and if you want to get something going there I personally invite you to codexed.com and get a single entry journal there.  I use codexed like I would with Diary-X
     When I finally do the sleep study it will be documented both here and codexed.com especially when it is the dream that follows from the thing. I took so Zopidem to wait out sleep hear but doing a blog really fast here to show the archive of the other journal to show how much I have written –this one was one of those entries that became one of the more nightmarish entries because it was dealing with the plagiarist — I had dreamed that I was going to deal with a plagiarist named Boyer but had no idea that the Boyer I would confront in 2010 was going to be that asshole who stole from me. The entry that I wrote about this is called Writer’s Torment. I am sure that a few of you writers out there had this nightmare of finding one of your manuscripts with another man’s name on it or another woman’s name on it. That is a nightmare I woke to when I was at the apartment, and kept hearing retard like it was my name (I am writing about this right now for codexed and trying to see if I can make it about 3400 words.)