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I am making progress on the new entry right now I started this one back in January and it reached about 900 words — I wasn’t happy with the size of the entry so I kept it under lock and key, then the grandfather passed away so I figured it was time to get it back going again being I am not sure how much time the wi-fi will go here because we are not sure who had what in whose name.  
           It is a huge mess with the grandfather passing away and that is something that leaves me at a loss because my bank is going to take a huge hit from it because I am chipping in for more of the bills around here and not sure how much they are going to cost.   I got about $76 to my name right now and looking to work with chipin for some of the expenses meaning I am accepting donations when the time comes right.   Something that will help with the expenses being I am trying to sell to other magazines again.  One place has a story in consideration for the magazine meaning it isn’t accepted yet.    I haven’t began to see how rough it is going to be — I guess it is time that I used the library wi-fi to cut back on the bills too I lost my phone line and localnet we are down to two phone lines one for the upstairs and one for the downstairs.  We’re worried about the bills for next month — especially since Comcast expires in April.
     I’ve been watching my Christmas present saw the movie DARK and working on the other ones as I speak. I am slowly watching them and got the laptop set up in the grandfather’s room which is where I am sleeping now. Now I Am rushing to get the entry done and ready to go here I think there had been a long wait for this one but it will be worth the wait when it is all said and done.