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Is still being written at this time, it is taking me awhile to write that one entry up because of the grandfather passing away. I am easing back into writing again and the entry isn’t what the Crusty Rail railed off on and my ex-fiancee telling me to get a real job. I do use the chipin.com feature for donations to keep my domains going – those are paid for another three years. Melany seems to be the most vocal bitch I am dealing with right now and for those who gave their condolences thank you for that, but those who like to make fun of my grandfather’s passing there is a special place in hell for you. I am addressing The Rusty Nail here because of her constant harassment. She decided to get a domain to hide the fact that she is mocking me every step of the way, well with the crack of her fucking her dead brother’s ashes a few years back that send her over the edge.
     The codexed journal entry is still being fleshed out and will be a freebie read. There are a few freebies up in the meantime and the guestbook is active. I got the entry offline and still glowing in my face on MS Office. The Ex-fiancee is happier that I would be flipping burgers at McDonald’s when that is not going to happen. I am taking my chances at submitting to bigger magazines and hopefully go pro with the writing career. I have been trolling a site called Yellow Pee Pee Monster which is a laugh factory because the guy can’t control his aim when it comes to taking a piss. As for Melany Van Every — she is a fucking lowlife, I don’t know what I saw in her and where she managed to fuck my brains out for a son.
     I was looking at an apartment in University Park but the thing about the apartment is it is in middle of nowhere but the train station is about three miles away. That would be when I get a mountain bike to get around because it would allow me to get on the train with the bike and the other thing will be getting things I need at the apartment when I can’t drive. IF you’re reading this The Rusty Nail, leave me the fuck alone — I don’t need the shit from that blog and the shit that is thrown at me from that site right now. Melany can’t seem to leave me alone either and she is a troll, she looks like a troll right now — I don’t know what I saw in that bitch.