This is some fucked up artwork — talented but very fucked up. I’ve seen some of the bizarro artwork on The Bizarro Starter Kits — this is right up there with the art on those books. Check this guy out if you want some really fucked up art — if you want him to illustrate your work, contact him. I am thinking of having him illustrate Curse of an Anthology and submit the story as a package deal with the artwork. Sometimes it has to be a package deal. That is the case with the story I wrote for Brendan Kane — if a magazine wants that story it would be a package deal with his artwork because that is his character. There is a reason it is on — I was trying to save it for Brendan before my computer crashed that I had it on. I thought about placing it in Tales of the Talisman if I can get Brendan Kane in on the project to illustrate the story being it is a package deal. They publish both of us or none of us. I wrote it for Brendan as a Christmas present using his notes he developed on the character– he told me to keep it light-hearted so I wrote it as I would be writing Lake Fossil. It is set around the time of Lake Fossil. I had the character akin to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles being the origin story. I provided the origin story for this character I am encouraging others to do the same if they are in contact with Brendan.
     Brendan was supposed to be on the RAGE MACHINE BOOKS roster when I was on there for one of his covers — he got a lot of illustrations and I will be linking some of them here free of charge to give him some maximum exposure with his artwork. He’s got some killer artwork posted on the website — someone like me who stuck to his guns as a illustrator. I illustrated Dirty Black Winter and the memoir. I illustrated the Memoir using a drawing I did from when I was 21 years old and sitting in a college campus computer lab. That is a cartoon I did when I was in college and scanning pictures of the ex up to the website when we were still together. This was one of the first things that got scanned up. I am showing that I am not a slouch when it comes to illustration too though the artwork is nearly 20 years old — I have that one displayed on my home on profile. The KKK hanging from a tree was drawn in pen and ink — entirely in pen using a blue pen to draw it so there were no mistakes when I drew it up. I used similar techniques on the back cover of the namesake one where I did a reverse negative of a pen and ink drawing I did in 1998 when I was sitting in a diner late at night and would draw on the place mats using what ever art materials I had with me at the time. I did a self-portrait in the pages of Dirty Black Winter. If Brendan agrees to letting the story get reprinted in a magazine I know just the magazine to reprint the story to and we both get paid for it — he is looking for more stories to put into an anthology of stories based on the character. The way the story was formed for me was a little rushed because he wanted me to keep it under 2100 words. Science fiction for me that size is hard to pull off because it is always longer for me to write when I do write it. I am working on a few stories and got a story placed on an e-zine that is hosted on a wix site. They called the story very popular. I am thinking of making it available as a pdf file on here being it is a trunk story.

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By Sam Reeve

When I first saw William Basso’s Halloween-themed work I thought I should save this for October, and then I decided to hell with that! It’s like when those mattress warehouses have “Christmas in July” sales, only it’s Halloween, and in April…and better.


Now, without further ado, the work of William Basso. Click here to see more.

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