My amazon.com page is getting raped again — whoever is doing it, come here and admit why you are doing it. It is bullshit that they are doing that again, and Marc Lyth is encouraging the piracy of my anthology by saying all the stories in the namesake one are in the public domain, about eight of the stories are in the public domain. Lyth if you’re reading this you have your head up your ass and thinking you’re the one raping my page again. My page isn’t some bitch that you can rape so kindly leave it the hell alone. I am trying to sell books on Amazon.com and it isn’t professional for someone to rape a page like they do with the bio saying I am some kind of homoerotic author when I don’t write that sort of thing. Lyth is fucked in the head, and couldn’t get his name out there on his own so he picked a fight with one of his ex-publishers. Now there is a rivalry between me and Marc Lyth.
     It is official I am being bullied by Lyth, I wish he could take his head out of his ass and leave me the hell alone. Fucking loser. Jesus Christ how old are you? IT is not very mature that you’re doing that to my page and to my reviews on Amazon.com.