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I am still waiting to hit the 2000 word mark with the entry but it is taking me awhile to write this one. I want to make the first entry of 2013 worth the wait for that journal. I don’t update that journal often because it is not designed for regular updates. It is not a blog like on WordPress, tumblr, blogspot or InsaneJournal.com. I noticed you almost need a wordpress to get things going here and it takes the fun out of web design because I am old school when it comes to doing websites, my own website has a new guestbook. I have no plans in making Writings From The Grave into a blog because it was never set up like that. I paid the domain up for another four years on that one and three years with Lake Fossil Press. My ex-fiancee says she will throw a party when I kick the bucket, I know I have no plans on dying anytime soon so that will be a long wait for her — fucking spinster bitch.
     I am still working on the entry as I speak and looking at the word processor as I speak. I am thinking where to take the entry because it is at 1400 words right now — I am needing 600 words before I even think of making it live then I have to write up the HTML for the coding on the entry. I do all that offline. It takes me a long time to do the coding on a laptop and that is a lot of work when working with a laptop because I have to do everything by feel and do the coding without fucking something up. WordPress blogs are less work when doing them, they are handy for a laptop. I’ve been watching movies left and right on the computer and the DVD player that I keep in the bedroom to entertain myself. I had recently had issues with a transgender on vampirefreaks.com when I picked him apart politely by saying the bone structures give him away that he is still male. It got pissed off by this because he doesn’t want to know the truth about him being a male, he called me cisgendered and I am taking ownership of that.
     The user is known as Saint Jimmy 87 and he is saying I lure underage teenagers to cemeteries, when that was a rotten trick by someone who impersonated me on facebook and he impersonated her too on AIM. I was doing an innocent photo shoot with her and had the cameras ready to go for that one. There was a lot to that shoot that I was trying to work out, but I am careful who I do shoots with now and make it a requirement that the model is just over 20 years old so I don’t get into any trouble with them. I tried to set the record straight with the model but she threatened a lawyer on me, we have a mutual friend in one promoter who does a show on public access. I am trying to ask him to be the buffer in trying to clear the information up on the model. I will say that it was a nightmare all around because I got a lot of prank calls from a few people that whole weekend and was supposed to meet up with her at the church and was going to pay for the food on the shoot.
     I had them mess with my dating life too during that time too — I still have a hard time getting a date from time to time. My date and I lost touch via e-mail, and that was something that might had been awkward because the date was my ex-girlfriend’s sister — that was the woman who left me for another woman. I will have another date with another female eventually, just give it some time. I am just trying to get this entry written for the codexed.com journal because I am overdue for an entry on there. The last entry was String of Nerves. The entry is one of those that is rather different from the others on here — it has more in common with the memoir than anything I’ve written before it. I am promoting my fan fiction story on here for those who want a freebie read in the meantime. I have another too called Barbed Wire Crown for those who want to read something similar to From Dusk Til Dawn but with Cthulhu Mythos elements.