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Fan Fiction Policy Posted on Fanworks.org. I will not allow male male romance done of me or male male erotica (disgusting.) I am posting the guidelines for an anthology that I am going to put together featuring real person fiction of me — what I look for and what I want read to this to work before you even think of doing it. I want contributors to read An Eye In Shadows and More From A Library Of Unknown Horrors first before going ahead — I will publish horror fiction that is written in my style for the anthology. Keep in mind I publish from a laptop so editing might be a bit of a challenge. Send stories as a .docx attachment. I’ve been in the genre for 20 years so I am looking for talented newcomers for this, I want to appeal to a goth audience with the anthology. I want to either publish this with Lulu.com or createspace.com. I need help with the cover art and the wrap around shit for createspace to work. I rather work with Lulu.com for anthologies because I can upload them piece by piece. I might make this a nook ebook too. The title is working right now, but I want to have a story where it follows the ghosts of Bela Legosi and B. Karloff as characters in the story — something that has a classic horror charm. I would like to see a Succubus story in the fan fiction anthology. Be creative as hell. I am going to share the policy on fanfiction.net for the open invite for writers to be published. Be at least 18 to be published — and the stories must be well written and professional quality. Though I like working with a lot of amateurs, it is fun to work with talented newcomers making them published authors. I am looking to submit this anthology to a publisher too possibly. I have a new freebie posted on fanfiction.net called Barbed Wire Crown a gritty horror story in the vein of Dusk Til Dawn but a Cthulhu Mythos story that is original characters and plot but borrows from the good book in terms of a character set in modern times. It was inspired by Rev. Steven Rage with his novella in Issue 13 of The Ethereal Gazette. I am looking for writers who can do surreal real person fiction stories for this anthology project that is unnamed. I will be handling the introduction for this anthology myself. I am editing it using Word and Open Office. I am working on a new short story to be sent off for publication. I want to do this anthology as a return but something different from the rest of the anthologies I published over the years. I want this to share a kinship with Chimeraworld One. I don’t have a title for this anthology yet but I am looking for someone to help with the placing of my name logo on the cover — something that would give a lot of small press writers a run for their money.
      I want to make this anthology twisted enough where Poppy Z. Brite will turn her head and say, “What the fuck are you reading?” Fan fiction world of writers are weird and I want to show this weirdness in the anthology. I want to send the anthology guidelines to darkmarkets.com, send submissions to me via AIM — message me with your AIM screen name. I will talk with you in real time. Something I am doing that is similar to Nicholas Grabowsky when he does Black Sheet Books — he works with a lot of my alumni. I will give you my journal link to play with on codexed.com. I want the stories weird but accessible enough where teenagers are not freaked out — something the parents can read without heads turning. My Temple of Dagon catalog is available for this project too so go to Temple of Dagon.com and read some of the stories there — I am looking for some inspired by Darkness From The Skies — I expanded the original story to 3000 plus words. It got a lot scarier too when it was rebooted. I want every erotica author to turn their head when they see this anthology — try to keep it horrific and a little perverse at times. I write perverse stuff personally and trasngressive fiction at times so I want something that would give Bret Easton Ellis fans looking for some horror that is traditional but at the same time transgressive. I added my namesake anthology to AuthorsDen.com so you can read the write up I did there introducing some of the writers in the reboot. One of them is Dalhia Wolfe the closing author and she is on fictionpress.com. She is highly talented and I will be co-writing with her on a story. I am playing around with an idea for a fetish horror story where it’s got a twilight zone plot for another website that is exposure. I want to do it as a Gothic Horror story that will give the most hardened dark erotica author nightmares. The memoir can be purchased on Amazon.com and the second namesake is published and available too — you can get that here. That will contain a print exclusive called Wandering In Darkness. This is a story that the cover is the illustration too. It is noted for reuniting with Terry Horns Erwin from The House oF Pain E-Zine. I want to point out that Nicholas Tillemans has a book out on Lulu.com, check out his site Muscular Fiction for details on his book Acetone Enema. Some of the stories I read on The House of Pain when he had them there — he wrote a vampire story where it is very twisted and surreal called The Perloined Lips of Destiny. I found his female counterpart in a writer named Gori Suture — she is influenced lot of writers that are not my influences but two are — Robert Bloch and Richard Matheson. She recommended Hell House and Lori. On the subject of sequels — Gruesome Cargo is getting a larger short story sequel that is going to make people wrench in horror. I am doing something that would give an outtake for the anthology SICK. There are a lot of author swapping with Chimeraworld and Tabloid Purposes sequels — Liam Davies appeared first on Tabloid Purposes II then appeared on Chimeraworld’s sequel. Ken Goldman came from Chimeraworld along with Brian W. Keen who is a talented writer I worked with on The Ethereal Gazette: Issue One. Trent Robert Zelanzy’s son also hung out for the first issue of The Ethereal Gazette. I opened the fan fiction policy up in 2007 and Craig Smith wrote a hell of a Christmas present for me. I got a lot of cool Christmas presents from the industry — one being a story based on Lake Fossil and the other being the artwork for the first namesake done by Aeon Eye.