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I got the novel started — I am working on doing something surreal with it too, I have a short story sequel to Gruesome Cargo started too and looking to send that to a professional market when it is finished. I am thinking where to send the novel when I am done with it. I want Mike Philbin to publish it on his imprint if he wants it because it’s got a literary fiction yarn that is a nod to the bizarro writers out there. It has an element of paranormal romance between a man and a woman but it is not a love story — this is a gritty story that I am working on that deals with loss. It is a tribute to Richard Matheson in ways too where I make reference to Hell House and A Stir of Echoes. I am critical of the homosexual writers overrunning the genre with the novel — it is the first time I am critical under my own name with it. I am aware of the LGBT wave of horror — some are my peers in the genre when writing extremely graphic horror. I am looking to send the sequel to Gruesome Cargo to a few magazines including Shock Totem. It is more graphic than the original story is — and has more characters. The first story was written like Edgar Allan Poe.
       I want to have an oil painter do the cover for the novel like they did for the magazine and the anthology. Something that makes the book jump at you. I want to send it to Naked Snake Press but they might not take the critical aspects that I did with this one. I am at 1000 words so far with the novel and my goal is to make it 200 pages even. It is a weird book with a lot of colorful characters. It is different from GAME OVER in many ways but it is similar being set in the industry. The novel is a nod to Nicholas Tillemans and Mike Philbin because it was my idea for them to co-write a story together. I am critical of the all male romance trend coming to horror — being that Poppy Z. Brite started this. I am doing something dark with the book too being it has the mood but trying to keep the horror going in the later chapters. It is my first novel using chapters. I wrote GAME OVER as one seamless story like my short stories.
      It is a lot of pressure to live up to being compared to Richard Matheson especially in his passing. His influence will live on in this novel — I am doing some things that are humorous with some scenes of the book where the critical parts are written out of a grisly one-liner like Robert Bloch did when he was alive. The characters in the story are a father and son writer– that is a nod to R.C. Matheson too because he followed in his father’s footsteps as a writer and became one of the most respected writers in the business like his dad was. I just hope I can get that respect with this surreal novel I am writing. I like to write surrealism too but I tone it down — it is a weird book to say the least. The hard part will be shopping it around. I don’t want to go with PublishAmerica with the second novel. I am looking at Naked Snake Press or even Amber Quill Press. The book has Gothic Literary elements — has the atmosphere of H.P. Lovecraft and Mike Philbin. It is the first novel I started since my grandfather died. My blog postings are longer too here, and doing something that will turn some heads when it is finished but keep people reading cover to cover. I just hope I can do the intensity like my short stories in novel form.
      GAME OVER the inspiration was a darker Richard Matheson — if he wrote more extreme horror. I wanted to do something big with the novel when it is finished, it will take me a bit to write this. I am trying to not be very graphic like when I wrote Gruesome Cargo — and prove I am not some one trick pony when it comes to writing novels. I am not exactly novelist but I am more of a short story writer — I am looking to write a complete short story in the character of the novel to include it in the story — that will be hard, especially keeping it under 200 pages. I read some of Gori Suture’s work and it could been a fit on The House of Pain when they were around. I am looking t shop this book on Ralan.com and if I go with Createspace.com with the book find someone to help me combine pdf files for publication there as well as design a wraparound cover for the book. I am not trying to clone Clive Barker with the novel, being I am not influenced by him I am aware of what he did to the genre by writing Hellraiser. I am his alternative, being the straight minority in the genre doing extreme shit and being a Christian doing it. The publisher character is a Christian — so I wanted to do something big but challenging for me to keep the surrealism up for a good part of the novel. I want to do something that get those fans reading the book when it is finished — showing that the Christian author can keep up with the rest of them. It was 13 years since I invaded Clive Barker’s website. I still laugh when I think about it because I didn’t think I would get in. They had demoriam on Geocities when they were around, I want to do the novel with a publisher that pays a good rate for publication. Something that would shut the peanut gallery up at the HWA because my first anthology became the anthology they didn’t want you to have especially when it came to J.L. Benet posting every link to every story in the book right before the book was finalized. I wanted to kill him for that one or get him fired from his job as a teacher. When I called him out on this he decided to screw with the anthology and the first book I wrote. I am doing something different from all three collections I published — and different from the first novel. It is not exactly a departure for me but it will have more surrealism compared to my past works– my first collection had the surreal stories in there because they were taken from my nightmare journal. The pressure is on with the second novel because I want to get published in a bigger publishing house — it is genre fiction novel but it is something that I might send to Eraserhead Press. It will have a lot of surreal elements like my short stories on The House Of Pain and that is the only thing that will be the same with the novel and some of the collections. It will be different for sure but looking for a home for the novel will be a pain in the ass when it is finished. I am answering Nick Grabowsky’s question about when I am going to write novels. I am looking for an anthology to publish on Lake Fossil Press under createspace.com but that is hard to work with when it comes to publishing.