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Real Person Horror. I am looking for heterosexual real person horror featuring me as the character — you can use my memoir for source material and Wandering in Darkness on More From A Library Of Unknown Horrors. I am looking for “Het” exclusively for this anthology. I am looking for surreal and weird. The short stories you can use for source material are Library Of Bones, Gruesome Cargo, Life Inheritance, INSECT, and Darkness From The Skies. I read real person horror before in an anthology featuring a fictional H.P. Lovecraft. My novel will reference Hell House and Richard Matheson, I want the stories to be written in Richard Matheson’s horror vein — think Stir of Echoes and you are halfway there. No eroticism in the stories, just straight up weird tales — you can tucker in my contemporaries’ anthologies and create the horror based off the atmosphere they create. I am looking to publish this on CreateSpace. The anthology will be called The Ethereal Gazette Presents: The Fictional GothicPreacher. I am looking for worlds that mirror the contemporaries and Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos or Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone. I always pictured myself a character in a horror short story because of my tomented mind.
      I want people to use Tabloid Purposes IV for the model of the hardcore horror delivery — I don’t want to read queer horror submissions for this, no “Slash” or “fem-slash“. Do not kill me off in the story but leave me weirded out thinking what the fuck did I set myself into sort of thing. Use the blog here for my mannerisms or my youtube channel to get my sarcasm down. I want a dark atmosphere with the stories — and the fan fiction policy was posted in a previous blog posting. I will allow fan fiction of LAKE FOSSIL to be written but no slash or its perverse cousins, the condition is I will make the writer of it a published author. I will be looking at the stories personally and if you want to buy the books visit both lulu.com storefronts for Lake Fossil Press and Angry Guinea Books. I published the book under Broken Mindframe Books this might be published with that imprint too. I want the stories to be based off my true paranormal accounts published in Dirty Black Winter. I am looking for the dark and horrific yarns that will make the reader faint — be graphic with the atmosphere. The weirder and darker, the better I will like it. If you want to include my contributors as characters ask them first. I am doing a story which references Hertzan Chimera and the Chimmeraworld books. I want something that weird and genreclectic (Mike’s term) — and not quite as weird as the Bizarro Starter Kit. But something that will give that book a run for its money. I am looking for a person to help merge the pdfs and design the wraparound cover for Createspace.com. I was an observer of strange subcultures suffering from culture shock, so play off the culture shock that I have when I read the stories on the House Of Pain.
      The word count for this — 2000-5000 words tops on the latter one. I don’t want them super long because I want the make the book 260 pages including the author bios and the head shots of the writer. I am not even going to look at same sex romance stories — those are just plain sick and wrong, especially when the real person is trying to find a girlfriend. Send them as a .doc attachment to nickolauspacione@aim.com or comment with your AIM screen name so I can take it as a file transfer in real time. I will be reading and talking with contributors in real time with this one. They will get a .pdf download of the finished anthology and the galley proof of the cover.