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This short story is literary fiction with a Gothic slant, I wrote this around the time when Dimebag Darrell was murdered on stage. It was published along side Paul Melniczek who eventually became a publishing company mate on Naked Snake Press — he was from The House of Pain and was discovered by Brian Keene. The short story has a lot in common with the new novel I am working on. I turned a few heads when I wrote this story because it was different for me because I wasn’t trying to scare people like I did when I wrote The Fandom Writer or it’s sequel. This one appears in The Writings Collected: Vol 2. The collection consisted of two chapbooks I wrote in 2005 featuring my ghost stories and my science fiction works. It has the surreal short story Gruesome Cargo and The Hitchhiker’s Wanderings. It is not all Gothic Horror — it is more diverse than Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape. I am posting this story as a link for a sample of what you can read in this book. This book includes Lake Fossil 3 which was reprinted in the reboot of The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 6. Not every story in here is ultra dark but some of them are — some are staples of my website’s reading room. It is a collection to check out if you like Richard Matheson and Rod Serling or even Indianna Jones because of Norwood’s Discovery is pulp adventure.
      This one is noted for my shorter science fiction story that was published on Specficworld.com in 2008. While I work on that dark and perverse short story that I am going to have a bitch of a time to place, I am going to introduce the blog readers and my 200 Twitter followers to a PG rated short story I wrote in 2004. It was about the time I wrote my holiday short story, Accidental Ghosts, which was the first 4000 story I featured on deviantart.com. I posted one other story on there then some of my articles. I will share more work there when I get bored, just want to take my time in releasing written works for free on that site. I published the Johnny Alien story there originally then took it to fanfiction.net. It was from there that Brendan Kane gave me his notes for the character. It was my shortest science fiction story. My science fiction tends to be longer than my horror works but GAME OVER is longer than all my works of fiction. The memoir is my first full length work — and this one Poppy Z. Brite ranted on a message board warning the world not to pick it up. Her friend, Ramsey Campbell is my biggest critic on shocklines. My advice to him is to sit back and enjoy the show when it comes to doing my anthologies.
      What I wrote in 2004 was more about extremes because I was showing I can do the extreme surreal stuff as well as the young adult friendly material. Gruesome Cargo was a surreal story done for young adults, but picked up by The House Of Pain four years after I appeared on Clive Barker’s website. I wrote the sexual material before with A Cemetery Dream that story was the archtype for my longer works — I was toning the style down with 4000 word stories. That is my magic number when I send to publications — I try to keep short stories 4800 words if all possible. I will do longer works from time to time. I was published on a site called Wheels of Terror where I did reviews of small press titles and that was my specialty — I became well aware of the small press and self-released material. As far as manuscripts I am always looking at them to publish in anthologies, I will set up an e-mail address for manuscript submissions — and guest blog postings will be done here for those who want to get noticed. Keep the entries under 2000 words. Send guest blog entries to np1976@rocketmail.com as a .doc attachment, include your photo and book information — I welcome Christian authors with open arms and those are the ones I want checking out Dirty Black Winter’s When Angels Wept Blood. I will read manuscripts as long they are old school horror and not same sex romance stories with a supernatural undercurrent. I am looking to do something that is The Ethereal Gazette Presents with this — it had been a year since I published Issue 13 so I have to do something that makes up for the lost time. I am a 4theluv market now because of my grandfather’s passing. Send submissions to nickolauspacione@aim.com or comment with your AIM screen name so I can take submissions in real time. Some writers say they can’t look at manuscripts anymore but I am always looking at them. I am looking to do a surreal horror anthology akin to Chimeraworld but not as perverse — sort of a Bizarro Central Light, but something similar to Jordan M. Bobe’s brainchild which I close the anthology out. I don’t even look at same sex romance or same sex erotic horror. So don’t even send that shit to me — there are other editors out there like that out there that publish queer horror, I am a Christian and will not even consider it. I want bizarro horror if it was written by Frank Peretti collaborating with Rod Serling. Think the closing story in Darkened Horizons: Issue 3 written by me — that is what I am looking for when I look at the real person fiction featuring me as a character. I will give the editor’s choice a page of it’s own on this blog if I like it that much. I have a hobby of scouting fanfiction.net for talented fanfiction writers who can do original horror willing to make their debuts as published authors.
      People will publish just about anything when it comes to writing fan fiction, some of the writers I worked with started out writing fan fiction in The X-files — that being the talented author Trent Roman who wrote the controversial story in Quakes And Storms: A Natural Disaster Anthology. I ushered this talented author to the world with his short story The Drowning Of New Orleans. I featured my novella that was inspired by his story in the closing spot of my second collection. He followed in my footsteps in getting published by Doyle’s outfit Specficworld.com the same year I got published there. I included Flying Cigars in the pages of the second collection and this one hadn’t got any reviews but all the reviews I got on goodreads of my work is malicious and one star ratings without reading the book. My ex-fiancee is organizing a boycott of my work, that is not going to go well. She might as well try to boycott the writers who believed in me over the years since 1997. I haven’t updated Writings From The Grave in awhile but I will when I get some more html together, updating a website is hard with a laptop. I haven’t edited an anthology on a laptop but that is hard as hell with the touchpad.