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  • When you comment leave your AOL Instant Messenger Screen Name so I can add you — I will take submissions in real time and instantly rely when I read the manuscript. A lot of editors who are writers stopped taking manuscipts but Nicholas Grabowsky, A.P. Fuchs and I will always look at manuscripts for our respective publications. A.P. and I started around the same year with our companies. He works with Jason Hughes and Eric S. Brown. Jason is a talented writer who just got a corrupt e-zine and a corrupt publisher praising him. He’s the most extreme horror writer I published — he says he’s controversial but I am trying to find out where he can be controversial. I am controversial with the blog and with entries in the magazine. I noticed he wrote with hinted corpsefucking in the story he sent for the anthology. I am not afraid to be controversial when writing as Lloyd Phillip Campbell. As him I do right wing politically charged Gothic Horror. The Thing At The Truck Stop the running joke in the story was no one wants to read about two fags.
           I remember the shitstorm I caused when I turned down Rick R. Reed’s friend request on myspace.com back in 2007 — everyone was saying down with the breeder, that was the first time I got called a breeder. I was being funny on myspace.com blog and took ownership of that. Rick R. Reed and I have a common setting — Chicago. He likes to write about the north side while I use South Side settings and even Joliet. Back when I turned him down, I didn’t quite reaffirm my faith in God. I am a stark contrast — an outspoken straight author who looks for like minded writers to publish. A lot of the writers I published gave me a high approval because of the not allowing erotic content. I did a vocal refusal but I didn’t swear. I have seen samples of his work and he wouldn’t be someone I would run in publications but there are a lot of publishers that take him these days. I don’t do gay horror as a publisher just that there are writers out there that will eat that shit up and being a contemporary of one of them who called me a homophobe and as momma’s boy because I told him he wouldn’t want to follow me because he would grow to really hate me because I am the biggest critic of erotic horror and sick of the homoeroticism that is going around. I had it shoved down my throat when my ex-fiancee and I were still dating because she would read Poppy Z. Brite as well as Clive Barker. She asked me, “Why can’t you produce one sex scene?” She wanted me to be a sex and horror type writer when I am a classic horror writer. I write a classic style with a surreal edge — I am looking for writers of the modern realm to do the classic style with the real person fan fiction stories featuring me.
          I was sick of it on FictionPress.com when all these goddamned ‘slash’ fiction writers gave me shit for shunning graphic sexual content. I will not publish a story with s a character portrayed masturbating in a scene.I don’t want to read about two men fucking each other in the ass with throbbing members in their stinkhole. I can be graphic about writing sex but I just don’t do it because it goes against everything I believe in.
          That is disgusting to me I find lesbian sex just as disgusting. I am capable of being disgusting when it deals with fighting the critics. I am the guy who pissed on a rival editor’s photograph and another blogger decided to take his shit out on Writings From The Grave saying I will never be published. He outted my Christian undercurrents — it is no secret I publish Christian authors in my anthologies and magazine — i publish the hardcore Conservative and liberal alike but sometimes they are intimidated by an author who is ultra-conservative so in the eyes of writer who write with same sex content, I am seen as the enemy. If I end up writing an openly gay character in a story they are not going to live long and end up castrated with their own dick found in their mouth. I don’t want to fag up my anthologies so the ones who hate me the worst are the sperm belching homosexuals. I am not afraid to throw faggot in my work — the memoir has it and the rewrite of The Fandom Writer has the word thrown in there. I am not politically correct and I don’t care — I look for writers who are quite unpc. I want writers of the real person horror anthology to adopt a no holds barred attitude and an un-pc world view. I am well aware of the Queer Horror trend since I did read The Hellbound Heart and parts of Books of Blood bu Clive in college, I am just not influenced by him. I created my first anthology because I was fed up with the same sex counterparts trying to take over the genre and shove their agendas down people’s goddamned throat.