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I have about 2000 words done on the new short story sequel and it is one of the more sicker stories I’ve written — it will make people faint worst than the story GUTS about a jacking off accident gone wrong in the HAUNTED collection. I have more added to my novel that I am working on too — that one is also at 2800 words with the first chapter. I am looking to top the chapter out at 3000 words then start hammering out the next chapter. I don’t know how regular novelists pull it off when they do the thick 500 page tradepaperbacks. The thick books are expensive to grab when the are print on demand. I am truly capable of writing transgressive fiction with a Gothic Horror slant. GAME OVER is the most transgressive write I’ve ever done and the new novel is a little more toned down compared to that one I am into the first chapter but figuring out how to start the second chapter. It is an interesting write so far dealing with death and loss — with father and son writers as characters. The father is deceased but his work is a character in the story and I want to write a story in character for the book, it would be interesting to come up with a 3000 word short story — the short story I am writing has some more transgressive elements going for it. There are rape jokes and other macabre jokes crawling in the pages — it is a serious horror yarn where it shares a trait with The Ferryman’s Wheelchair from The House Of Pain, Tabloid Purposes One and now part of Dirty Black Winter. I was the first surreal horror story I did that was gory as hell.
      Gruesome Cargo was weird with the atmospherics, this new story is going to have darker atmospheric horror but combining a transgressive aspect to it — something I borrowed from Stephen King in concept, that being self-cannibalism. I got inspiration from the transgressive story that Carol Sullivan wrote in The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 10 called FAT BUSTERS which was dark and very funny because it starts with fat couple arguing then the female kills the guy and eat him. There are medical references in this one so it would have a Robin Cook trait. The other hospital based horror story I wrote is Bloodletting which was a blasphemous one for me A Cemetery Dream had a little bit of everything in that one — it was quite graphic, talking Clive Barker graphic because it has a castration in there.
      I haven’t castrated a character in years but I am not going to do that anymore. It was too much — I have characters getting pissed on and people shitting in open caskets in Game Over. I do the hospital horror yet again with 21 Days and comments are accepted on this blog entry with the codexed freebies. I might be doing a collection with the entries on codexed but not sure yet. I have my surreal voice with that journal entry nightmare. It is one of my darkest on freebie reads. It is like some of my darkest works on FictionPress.com. That one would been a fit on The House Of Pain if it is still around — I lost the story titled The House Of Pain. I wrote it for Brigit for Christmas in 2005. The story I wrote for The House of Pain but folded was In The Reflection Of A Lens. I did the layout exactly like the stories on The House Of Pain when they had their own page. In The Reflection Of A Lens was the first ghost story with the Cthulhu Mythos power. It became a popular read because it was a staple to the now defunct WheelsofTerror.com where I did small press book reviews and interviews. They discouraged me from writing Cthulhu Mythos on the website so for the fifth time I did a docuhorror story. I want to write another docuhorror short story for a bigger market because the narrator is the camera being the unspoken narrator changing the scenes. What I want to see with the real person fan fiction stories featuring me is a lot of docuhorror deliveries where it is a nod to Reality Check. I will be doing the introduction to the anthology like I did with Tabloid PurposeS II and 3. Tabloid Purposes IV had Joseph Armstead do the introduction and he knocked it out of the park. I sometimes wonder what happened to him, I was supposed to do a double interview with him and Shenouda but it never finished with the answers. Both him and Shenouda emerged out of self-publishing on Iuniverse.com. I wanted to do an anthology with iUniverse.com but they cost money to publish wit them — AuthorsDen had a lot of self-publishers starting out then I broke a lot of them out in my small press outfit with the anthologies. Lulu.com became the website I went to do anthologies — Emantions was my createspace.com return. I was supposed to release Tabloid Purposes IV on createspace.com because I was trying to save the anthology from being lost.
      I want to publish the real person horror anthology on createspace.com but working with them is a bitch. I am going to query with Library Of Horror Press with this one but request that I do the layout because I did the layouts on my own anthologies. Tabloid Purposes IV was the third custom copyright page I did. It made the anthology more unique in the business and even more a standout because of my use of photography on the covers. The photography is done in house. But with the real person horror anthology I am looking for someone who can draw atmospheric horror themed artwork. I am not too fond of computer graphics for artwork on covers because they remind me too much of a fucking videogame.
     I would love to have Kealan Patrick Burke design the layout for the planned anthology. I am going to scout and invite writers from fanworks.org and fan fiction.net for this anthology because they don’t write with their own characters anyway. It is hard to believe I’ve been doing the editor gig since 2004 — nine years had passed since I started Lake Fossil Press. I want to work with nookpress to publish e-stories. I published Media Darling this way as the original form. The Emanations version was changed a lot but the integrity was still there. Media Darling was dystopic Goth Horror with a J-Horror style atmosphere, you can read a sample and download it for nook via bn.com where one can buy some of my e-book versions of anthologies I published as well as a digital version of Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape and Tabloid Purposes: Book Five. Tabloid Purposes 3 is a digital format too there — I am curious which story they allowed for the preview of that one. One of the anthologies I want to do is a sequel with Terry Lloyd Vinson of his breakout collection Bone Chills — the various authors playing the role of the short stories with their bylines and he writes the framework story. I want to shut Ramsey Campbell up by getting some really talented newcomers for the anthology sequel to Terry’s criminally underrated collection that came out nine years ago.