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I am the only author in the industry where I have to deal with fucking baby momma drama, because I don’t agree with homoerotic content — it is shoved down my throat by Melany when we were dating because she would read Clive Barker and Poppy Z. Brite. She had a copy of an anthology which had stories by both writers in there called Revelations edited by an editor named Winter. I sent The Wrong Side Of The Tracks to Clive Barker’s website out of anger to her, and the shit she is giving my anthologies on goodreads (the bitch is the reason I am not able to update my author page or even claim it. I am scared someone will come along and claim it and then vandalize the fucking thing all over again. They passed me off as a homoerotic author on there in the beginning when I don’t even write erotic content in horror.) She is hurting the writers who were in Tabloid Purposes and The Ethereal Gazette — and being unfair with her one star ratings without reading the publications. She is stealing The Storms Of Armageddon and trying to disassociate the title with me by doing a story that has the title. I Wasn’t trying to that with Ray Garton when I wrote GAME OVER and got it published with PublishAmerica.com
      The fat cunt is the reason I haven’t got many submissions for anthologies lately or for the magazine — S.E. Cox did a death blow there with the accusations of stealing manuscripts for publications one her myspace blog. I am still trying to recover from that accusation. I am a 4theluv publication for now because of my grandfather’s passing. I don’t have support from ralan.com anymore for publications so I have to go via social media to get my submission calls out there. S.E. Cox stole Quakes And Storms via a post on facebook.com when I announced the guidelines on a note I did for Quakes and Storms 2. Melany and Janrae Frank were planning an anthology that ripped my entire catalog but Janrae Frank hadn’t published a book in a long time — she raised the biggest stink when I was published with RAGE Machine Magazine — RAGE Machine sadly folded after my appearance. I wish G.W. Thomas was doing anthologies because he broke out Alex Rivera and had him appearing with a talented writer who is a staple in the small press and invaded an institution like Arkham House with some of his work. I haven’t written that story that would break me out in Arkham House.
      Between Melany and Angeline Hawkes I had the hardest time with getting published and getting a readership in the new decade. I had an easier time in 2002 and 2003 because of joining FictionPress.com — I actually got a good fanbase because of FictionPress.com. I have fans and they like to kick the crap out of naysayers for giving me shit — they would punch a Poppy Z. Brite fan and say, “Nickolaus Pacione said hello.” My fans are actual bikers and the rough ones — they fight, drink beer, ride motorcycles, and drive muscle cars. It took the death of Panic Press to come back and do an anthology with some of the most talented writers to emerge from the small press. Issue 12 was a group of friends getting together and doing a publication — everyone came forward to speak up on my behalf to Cox when Cox pulled the shit she pulled. I will never buy a book from Panic Press and threatened to shut them down, Melany will never be published for her stunt of trying to disassociate the controversial science fiction title that I poured a lot of research and inspiration into — it was inspired by my line up of Quakes and Storms: A Natural Disaster Anthology.
     For years I fought with Poppy Z. Brite’s fans because I challenged her to ditch the sex in her work, someone asked me what I thought of her in 1997 when I was getting started online — I said she sucks I write better than her on a bad day. I was turned down and insulted by Gothic.net — then was insulted by Weird Tales’ original editor when I submitted to them. I got rejection letters saying submit again and didn’t grab us fast enough. Melany is making sure our son doesn’t know me and trying to intercept my books to making his hands — the reason I became published was bigger than anyone in the business. I want my son to find me through my works — each story is like a map of Chicago and the Chicago area for him to find me. I’ve worked my ass off as a publisher not to let it fall to hell because of a cunt of an ex-fiancee wanting to make my life a living hell on goodreads.com. She befriended a lot of my enemies in the industry where I can see her trying to submit that ripoff manuscript to them for publication. I am going to organize a mass boycott of her novel and make sure no one reads her because of what she’s done.
     I am wishing I never met her, and with the passing of her mother that was the happiest day of my life because there was a burden that was lifted because her bitch of a mother said, “He will never amount to anything.” Fucking stuck up bitch, enjoy rotting six feet under. Melany of you are reading this — fuck you. Her fucking boycott will fail because she is hurting every writer who worked with me in the past nine years. I will keep writing and publishing, but looking to submit to bigger places while I do this. I am submitting to professional markets and always will be looking at manuscripts as long they are not homoerotic stories. I was able to keep it professional with an ex-girlfriend and published her in the forth issue of a magazine, it took an ex-girlfriend getting published in 2002 and reading her novel in 2003 that got me thinking it was time I became published in print. Terry Vinson got me published in Reality Check in 2004 on my 28th Birthday. There was a time that Melany liked my work and scared the hell out of her — but when we called it quits she tried putting my e-mail on gay.com and other sites like it. Author Sheri Gambino noticed Melany is an evil bitch. This boycott is proof that she is an evil bitch — all my frustrations about her came out in the short story Media Darling. I regret having sex with her now, Melany was the first woman I had sex with.
      I used to love her now I can’t fucking stand the fat plagiarist bitch — she said I lifted my novella from a song when I didn’t do such a thing. There were a lot in the industry that wanted me to just fade into obscurity. There are a lot of writers who believe in me and made a lot of friends in the business — they helped break me out there but I don’t have a real life best friend in the business but the closest to that is Dan Willow from Issue 10 of the magazine. The fucking bitch needs to leave my line up alone because they submitted freely to my publications over the years — she isn’t being fair to Ray Nelson for being part of the magazine, there were a lot of publishers who wanted my blood for getting him. Black Death Books want my blood for writing as Lloyd Phillip Campbell. The trolls decided to lift the pen name and make him a faggot with another pen name I had trying to get the dirt on Encyclopedia Dramatica — I got their number with Media Darling in the pages of Emanations One. Because of Melany I have a hard time finding another girlfriend — she was happier if I was a fag when I am not gay. She was suggesting I wrote all male romance when I wrote my first novel. I won’t even touch that shit, I find it disgusting. I want to write a paranormal romance but the thing about that genre is it is too light when it comes to the supernatural. Richard Matheson wrote a paranormal romance story the heterosexual male will read. IF I was going to write a novel like that it would be downright scary and surreal. Some of the writers of Tabloid Purposes came from the romance background or some wrote erotica for publications — I don’t always comment on where they go after they get published with me, but sometimes when I see it I will say “DAMN IT.” I had one writer give me a major hissy fit about wanting out of Tabloid Purposes IV — he flooded my inbox about it. I told him it would take a bit because he was towards the middle of the book. When a story is towards the middle it is harder to remove.
      I am now glad he is taken out of Tabloid Purposes because he would had broken the no alternative romance and no sexual content rules I have — I am the publishing company with very strict house rules because I want quality short stories and solid storytelling. The author in question was supposed to do an anthology on Lulu.com where I was included — until he found out I was a born again Christian. I tried to share my faith with this author when he came out of closet.
      I am the publisher who gets the most shit for not even looking at Gay Horror for publications — it is because of my faith and convictions with my faith I don’t allow it. I published Christians from the beginning with the anthologies with open arms. I might do a hardcore horror anthology with elements of paranormal romance as long it is male and female romance and it doesn’t flood the story with love scenes. I want to see more scares than romance when it comes to that sort of thing, I am a horror guy — old school horror and have a soft spot for modern day science fiction. I’ve been writing science fiction for nearly ten years and doing that got me a wider fanbase too. I named my company for the first science fiction short story I wrote in 2004. Tales of the Talisman called Lake Fossil II really tempting to publish but it got picked up by HorrorMasters.com. I noticed that Melany badmouths the publishers for publishing me too but she is going to work with a shit publisher who called me a fucking fan fiction writer. That is downright insulting and I have no respect for corrupt publishers like that — and that being Karen Koehler who befriended my ex-fiancee, Karen always had a reputation of being a royal amoral cunt. Karen pirated my memoir and I outted her as a fan fiction writer exclusively and a self-publisher when she denied it for a long time. I never submitted to Black Death Books but I read one of their old authors — Koehler denounced two of the writers on The Blackest Death for being part of Tabloid Purposes IV.