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My new short story is making some progress and man it is very macabre. There are some writers who use sexual imagery when they convey horror — I like to go for the political and the other taboo subjects. Political Horror is challenging and the most controversial because it will touch a nerve among the ultra-liberal or the ultra-Conservative. I write with an Ultra-Conservative slant to extreme horror — the first story that showed this slant was the notorious short story The Fandom Writer. The new short story is a cross between Hertzan Chimera and Robin Cook because it is body horror set in a medical setting. This one will be the darkest short story I’ve written in a long time and the most graphic I’ve done — because it has graphic imagery of self-cannibalism. The sexual writers I am peers with being a lot of them came from my age bracket, they like to write graphic horror off sex and death. I like to do the old school with madness and surrealism. The new one is surreal and that is what I am going for. Getting surreal stories placed is going to be hard. I read sometimes the more perverse horror stuff but I can take so much of it because I don’t want to get that extreme myself as a writer.
      I read Carlton Mellick III’s short stories on AuthorZone.com when we were both posting there — we compared notes on marketing a publication because mine had the blacklight glow on the covers and asked him if he ever written a story clean with the bizarro traits. This new short story will have some bizarro traits but written by a traditional horror writer. The sequel to Gruesome Cargo is going to be something that will stand out because how macabre it is with the atmospherics. GAME OVER was atmospheric. I am going to do a horror story where Andrew Wolter won’t be able to ignore it — saying I was a “momma’s boy” on Twitter when I told him not to follow me. We share the H.P. Lovecraft influence but I will not touch male male romance with a ten foot pole, I thought about doing dark erotica that is clearly heterosexual but sex scenes are a weak point for me. I read a sample of his book on Amazon.com and it isn’t my cup of tea.
     I am more visceral than the sex and horror types if I want to be. I just haven’t written anything that visceral in years — except for writing GAME OVER and The Midnight Diner in recent years. Barry noticed that I am quite muscular with it comes to writing Gothic Horror — I learned that from reading H.P. Lovecraft. This one isn’t Dark Erotica but has reference to fetish parties because I was dragged to one when I was 30 years old living with Michelle Russo. Michelle was torn when it came to reading my work because I wasn’t influenced by Clive and I was able write sicker than his sickest work. The Midnight Diner and GAME OVER are my sickest works. But this short story is going to be equally as sick.
      I just hope it is not too sick for publication in a magazine. I am looking to get the story placed somewhere where everyone will take notice of the story when it is done. Joe R. Lansdale praised my work and his quote is posted on Writings From The Grave. They are going to insult him because he praised a story I wrote that got lost — and this was a dark nonfiction story it is on the other computer but I can’t get the CD Burner working to transfer it to the laptop. I am writing my second novel on the laptop and this short story is one I am working on from the laptop computer. The hard part with being an extremely graphic horror writer is finding a girlfriend that would date you because you might scare them away with your imagination, I haunt some dating sites every now and then and posted personal ads on craigslist. Brian Keene found the one and decided to make my social life a living nightmare, then buddying up with the ex-fiancee made it even harder to find the woman to marry.
      I don’t play with erotic content because I will get too extreme with it but I have some imagery of Marquis De Sade in the new short story. I wish Darkened Horizons was still doing an anthology because this would been made for them — it is something that would give David Rex a run for his money. I am going to give my sex and horror writing peers a run for their money with how violent this new story is, I am going to make them faint when it is done — I am going to have more fainters than Chuck Palahnik. I am aware with trasgressive fiction is something he started. I am one of the few Christian writers doing it. The novel is going to be postmodern in the delivery — something I adapted in 2002 when I was writing the nightmares on diary-x.com. I was cut from Diabolic Tales II because I said on their board that I am Christian they didn’t want a born again Christian showing them up about dark subject matter. Writing Extreme Gothic Horror without sexual imagery is something of a talent itself — it is not an easy route always finding new subject matter to write about and new taboos to break. Being ultra-Conservative doing this makes it unique because there are not many writers doing this. Richard Matheson did it when he was alive, and H.P. Lovecraft was said to be a racist when he was alive but he was a man of his time. I don’t agree with Oscar Wilde — I read his novel as I was editing it for a publisher to run and was grossed out by the ending. My first novel was an answer novel to that one.
      I am going to have a problem finding a market for something this graphic. I mean what markets take the extreme graphic horror. I had no problem getting it placed in Naked Snake Press because they did the extreme monster horror. I got noticed for writing the graphic style of horror but also by toning it down. Toning it down got me published with Tales of the Talisman for the second time and doing true stories got me published by Cinsearae Santiago. I carry the distinction of being the traditional horror writer in a room full of erotic horror writers in the pages of that magazine, one reviewer mislabled me an erotic horror writer where I had to correct him. I didn’t promote Dark Gothic Resurrected because Kody Boye was in the same issue with his story. Kody was the one that raised the biggest hissy fit about wanting out of Tabloid IV. Cinsearae got to see the fourth book as a editing in progress. She knows what I can do in terms of being an author — writing dark creative nonfiction darker than most writers fictional works.