What I Want.

HORROR — the more grisley the story the better the chances it would get in. Terry Vinson and I will be looking over the stories — I instigated the idea for Terry Vinson a proper sequel to his short story collection but this time do it as an anthology of mavens of the macabre who are criminally underrated. I want supernatural gothic horror. I am sending the body of the anthology to Terry Vinson as a .doc attachment for him to do the framework story. I am going to shop for a publisher for him when it is finished and get an oil painter doing the artwork and a designer co-designing the cover with me. I am looking for stories akin to what would be inspired by Stephen King’s Skeleton Crew and Richard Matheson’s Nightmare At 20,000 Feet. I suggest reading Half Past The Witching Hour by him too so you can get an idea what I want to do with the anthology with Terry’s framework story. I don’t look for Poppy Z. Brite erotic horror for this but if you want to make it sexual it better be done out of as joke in there because Bone Chills had funny and very grisley gore horror to boot. I suggest reading Dirty Black Winter from me and Tabloid Purposes IV. I am going to send the pdf file to Blaze McRob to publish him, because Nicholas Grabowsky doesn’t publish other writers various author anthologies. I want this one to mix between Bone Chills and the anthology that the same publisher published so I am looking for stories that use the video camera to tell the story. I will not consider gay sexual content for this but I want it to have some sexual content because one of Terry’s stories had a joke referring to anal sex.

sp; &nbnsp;    The framework story will be a ghost story set on a desolate Navy base — Recruit Training Center in Great Lakes, Illinois. I want to make Bone Chills II different from Bone Chills one I am going to be the editor on the project the do the formatting. There will be no TOC with the book because of the framework story — the bylines of the writers will be with the story and will be formatted like a single spaced manuscript because the characters are critiquing horror stories just like the previous installment. I am even going to write one for Bone Chills II. I want Bone chills 2 to be scarier than the first one. Send the submissions to nickolauspacione@aim.com and Tvinso244@msn.com as a .doc attachment using 1.5 spacing and use the ruler to indent the paragraphs. Terry will look at the short stories as the process of editing begins — I will handle the editing duties and format the anthology’s body. There will be no table of contents because of the frame story involved with the book. It will be akin to Haunted with the frame story but instead of one writer creating the characters writing their story it would be more than one writer contributing to the project.
      The thing with Terry and gay characters is they don’t tend to live long in the story — DAMNED ON THE FARM he introduced a gay character to add realism to the reality TV story. Since Reality TV tends to have those characters, but it wasn’t erotic. He did a flat out old school horror story that had a Van Helsing character kicking ass and taking names. So if you do write a gay character — don’t let him live long in the story, no eroticism in the book which is a trait of my work. I talked to Terry on facebook about doing a sequel for Bone Chills and Reality Check — this is an idea I had about doing a project that merged the concept of both books paying tribute to Thomas Long, Jr. I am going to piss a lot of people off with the not letting the gay characters live long in a story — they get killed in the fourth page of the story and they scream like a little bitch. I want to have the stories kick the readers ass into their face while Terry does his thing with the framework. I do not want to see a horror story revolving around jacking off — I’ve seen this in Tabloid Purposes II with M.D.B. Wuesthoff when she did her story To Write A Wrong quoting The Fandom Writer’s ending. I am looking for a few horror stories revolving around fan boys and fan girls for Bone Chills II. Something to give it that comic book fan charm because Terry is big into comic books with Sidekicks on Amazon.com. I do not want anything pornographic in this and introduce the reader to a here and now setting like what Joseph Armstead would say of his vampire noir novels. The story’s word count — keep them at least 3000 words with a max of 6000 words. Writers will get a pdf copy of the project when it is finished. Put the subject line Bone Chills II Submission. Mu entry for Bone Chills II is going to be 21 Days from codexed.com. I will be linking this one up on AuthorsDen.com. It is something that is truly macabre and this is something that Bone Chills was when Thomas Long, Jr. published the criminally underrated collection. It is a better horror book than The Rising which was published around the same time frame. Keene likes to rail on Vinson for helping become a published author in 2004. Bone Chills and Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape are the same age in terms of publication. Mine was more surreal though set in real places. I am thinking how everyone can be part of this project. It would be interesting to pull off — an anthology of various authors with one author writing the framework around each story then writing the final story featuring the characters of the famework. I will consider real person horror stories featuring me and my characters for the stories in Bone Chills II.