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I found a possible market where to sell Gruesome Cargo II, the story is about 3000 words right now and it is coming along nicely for my first foray into the body horror sub-genre. I am thinking about doing a body horror anthology on Lake Fossil Press, what I look for in the real person horror anthology is atmospheric horror and gothic horror. I don’t want to read about someone getting their dick bit off and swallowed into their intestines. That is way too sick for me, I don’t want to be holding my crotch thinking about it. But I am looking for stories that will cause the reader to faint. The new story will have the readers who are prone to faint because of the intense graphic violence and weird imagery in the story. This one is on par to what Clive Barker would do but I am not influenced at all by him — I just know his delivery of using sex and horror to create a scare. There are a lot of writers who can do a sexual fright, the horror conveyed from graphic displays of fucking. This story is a mind screw when you are reading it — I make reference to a chimeraworld, which is a nod to Hertzan Chimera. I know the magazine now to send it because they are looking for horror with the fantastic. This has it. But might be a little too graphic for what they are looking for.
      I am trying to do the ultimate fuck you ending in a horror story. The House Of Pain writers were very good at these endings that means it has the final scare at the end. Terry Vinson had the fuck you ending in Bone Chills. The Fandom Writer had the fuck you — I was saying fuck you when I wrote it. When I don’t do erotic horror and had the homoerotic shit shoved down my throat by the ex-fiancee, I am saying fuck you with every story I write to that trend by being more graphic and taking on other subject matter in horror to piss people off. Gruesome Cargo II is a cross between Herztan Chimera and Robin Cook. It is a mind fuck of a horror story — it is as much a mind fuck as 21 Days is. I am writing this one for a fan on geocities who linked up my tripod website, I read some of her short flash fiction and she is talented in her own right. I would invite her to do the real person horror anthology. There is no deadline with that anthology just when it fills it will go to press. I am going to publish it under Broken Mindframe Books because it plays off my memoir. I grew as a writer after writing that thing, I was able to do more personal short stories that are horror. I am also going to write freebie stories for Deviantart.com — the thing there is I try to keep them toned down for the much younger audiences I get over the years. The readership I got from FictionPress.com are all grown up and in their twenties. The sequel will pay homage to Coma. The new story is a cross between atmospheric horror, a medical thriller, and body horror.