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I am near the 3000 word mark with this short story and I am scouting ralan.com for a place to send it. I don’t want to put it out myself because I want to make a little bit of money on this one. It is my most macabre short story and has reference to psycho-erotic imagery but don’t exactly go into detail — there is a description of someone having their genitals cut off in there as well as references to blood, piss, and shit. One thing I can say about this work of body horror is that it is downright sick. I am going to get some fainters with this one if I read it live — I am looking for a magazine that would take this kind of short story. I talked to Dave about if he takes weird fiction for Tales of the Talisman and he told me he takes weird but I told him that it has elements of self-cannibalism in there. I haven’t written cannibalism since writing A Dark Place in my twenties. This one is closer to what I wrote in my twenties.
      When I was in my twenties I wrote some really graphic and dark horror — I got more graphic in my old age but I can tone it down too, I learned that from one of my contributors on Tabloid Purposes One and that was from one of the stars in the book. She wrote young adult horror that was scary. I want to do a young adult horror novel or a young adult bizarro horror book. Gruesome Cargo was appealing to young adults because I wrote it clean. That was what made it distinct on The House of Pain when Brigit picked it up in spring of 2004 — my more extreme stories got picked up later on there. I can’t point people to The House Of Pain anymore sadly it is gone but I can send them to FictionPress.com to read The Fandom Writer. I wrote another one for Dirty Black Winter that closes out the book and it is very transgressive titled Inquisition Revisited. I am going on the borderline ultra-gruesome with the new story — it’s got bizarro imagery making reference to a chimeraworld. It is a nod to Mike Philbin and his anthology series but it would be if Richard Matheson was writing it because the characters are a doctor and nurse set in a mental health unit. I am going darker than anything I’ve written before it in the short story form — going darker than Hellraiser and I am doing this without even trying to be very dark. I did this with String of Nerves when I wrote that entry on codexed.com. I am thinking about writing another freebie exclusive to deviantart.com to show a few people there what I do. I tone it down for Deviantart.com but when I did Inquistion Revisited I went Cthulhu Mythos at the very end and have this one semi-autobiographical about my time in Iowa. The nightmarish reality of being cut off from the rest of the world by being banned from a library.
     I am giving a nod to the writer in Tabloid Purposes who was the most trangressive. The book was traditional horror with transgressive traits. Tabloid Purposes IV was the most transgressive of the series because it had story dealing with the subject of self-mutilation. It was very extreme for the book and it is hard to find writers like that who can be transgressive without being sexual. I am thinking about writing another short story for FictionPress.com to show them I am still around but the thing is I don’t want to be too mature for them. I am also in talks with another writer to collaborate on a short story and get it placed professionally — the one who finishes the story submits it.