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The novel’s first chapter is 2,855 words it has an element of a love story thrown in there — I written a story like this years ago which was my first like this it was darkly humored about death and the afterlife but it was lost on the old computer. The book has it’s moments of being quite macabre, but it is more in the set up of the novel. I am still working on this one and with having a dog writing takes a long time while I am working on two things at the same time, and talking with another writer into a possible collaboration. I will share details about the process of the planning on this blog, and I am taking guest blogs for this blog too keep them 2000 words tops and PG-13. Send them to me at nickolauspacione@aim.com as a .doc attachment. Don’t be sexually graphic because there are kids reading this blog.
     The inspiration for the new short story is a keyboard madman named Hertzan Chimera — a writer who drove every author in the industry insane you can read some of his work on FictionPress.com. He was quite surreal and twisted with his work, I first came across him on AuthorsDen.com when he wrote a short story titled ASSHOLE then he wrote a short story titled BUKKAKEWORLD where it had an ejaculating alarm clock in one of the scenes — the weirdest fucking story I ever read on the e-zine. I wrote something just as transgressive but it is now lost. It was turned down from Chimeraworld #3, but he broke out a writer I read on AuthorsDen who introduced me to The House Of Pain. This new story is close to what he does but without being sexual — it is quite graphic with the violence.
      The new story is nearing the 2,802 mark — I am looking to finish the story at 4800 words the magic number in getting a story placed in a magazine because they stop a word count at 5000 words. My first toned down short story is titled The Statue. I’ve been writing clean since 2002 but I swear and use fuck in my work from time to time — House of Spiders drops fuck, the re-write of The Fandom Writer in Dirty Black Winter, FUCKBEATER and the memoir is peppered with the word “faggot” in the memoir. I haven’t written a supernatural horror story where I drop the word, I use the word as Lloyd Phillip Campbell. I pissed a lot of people of when I write stories using it, they call me homophobic and a bigot. GAME OVER the main character published alternative content and he is tormented by the roster of IN THE DEPTHS when they write about their horrifying deaths in the magazine. I am graphic using characters that take a shit in an open casket and someone urinates on a person in an open grave. I portray a brutal ass kicking in that one. The Fandom Writer II has a character getting knocked to their ass repeatedly — punched in the head.
      In my interview with Lawrence Dagstine I did the interview with a lot of anger from a message board so the word faggot was thrown around in that interview it was highly controversial. I am a controversial author because of the content in some stories and what I say in my blogs. I don’t try to be controversial it just follows me. I caused a lot of controversy in 2007 by turning down Rick R. Reed’s friend request and was vocal about it — again I didn’t swear. That was around the time I was editing Tabloid Purposes IV. I am well aware of what he wrote in horror — I just don’t follow the sex and horror bandwagon. My new story references psycho-erotic but doesn’t got into detail, that would be the reason it would have a hard time getting placed in mainstream horror publications. I like being the alternative to those writers. I’ve been the alternative since 1997, I have a trained eye for erotic content I know how to spot it. That came from being with The House of Pain — I don’t want to read graphic details of all male anal sex or oral sex. J.M. Heluk and I were discussing Poppy Z. Brite a few years back when I came across her porno story — J.M. Heluk told me she wanted to puke when she saw it.
      I understand that a lot of her fans want my blood for speaking out against her — especially when it came ahead nine years ago on horrorworld.org. It cost me a publication on the site Mockfear.com because it got that hostile. My being Ultra-Conservative was being the subject of a blacklist in the industry. Sammi E. Cox a horrotica author tried to have me completely closed down and wanted to do a story that lifted INSECT. She wouldn’t leave my catalog alone and threatened to hack my lulu.com account — there as an unwanted tug-a-war with a few of my contributors who were also published with her. I was pissed off enough to make a reference to S.E. Cox in the novel it made it’s way into a gruesome death, and I have been looking to write a few more stories featuring the corrupt bitch and send them to TOR.com — make a mint off the bitch’s harassment. I am looking for real person fiction featuring Cox as a character and set in the word worlds of the respective horror writers. Cox opened up old wounds and she was incahoots with GUD Magazine who leaked Blood Contender after rejecting it. They called me a ripoff of their magazine with my magazine when I came out first.
     I wonder if she is still active as a writer or she called it all quits when the world of shit was weighing on her shoulders — that is what happens when she messes with a veteran publisher. She went the way of Darren McKeeman and getting fired from gothic.net. She published a malicious review of Quakes And Storms: A Natural Disaster Anthology. She wanted a tug a war with my contributors on the magazine because she published them too on her publications. I try not to get into fights with other publishers but one of my most public fights was with Timothy of Dubbyke Press. I called him out on Associated Content when I said, “Every religion has their douchebag.” He called me every name insulting Italians. I got a lot of hell for doing my anthologies, one contributor came out of the closet and said my career tanked before it even started. I took this one out because he started a mutiny. He disappeared into obscurity. Then one has been reviewed the pirated copies of Tabloid Purposes One — J.L. Benet posted every link to every story just as it was ready to go to press. I took one story out because it was a swipe at me — the brat bragged about getting a pirated copy of Tabloid Purposes II. He submitted to HorrorMasters.com and I told the editor about him pirating the anthology — the owner of horrormasters.com was featured in three of the anthologies I published so he bounced the brat in a heartbeat.
      I faced a lot of nightmares in the publishing world. And getting no support from Predators & Editors then losing support of Ralan.com I had to get the line ups on my own for anthologies and for the magazine. The magazine was left in a cliff hanger I will produce issue 14 and future issues eventually. Just need to find new blood — and swap manuscripts with other writers again. I will let the writers read my unpublished material too because I am writer like them. I want to see Bob Gunner get back into publishing and G.W. Thomas put together anthologies because they brought a lot of talented writers to the landscape. Bob took me under his wing because of one his contributors was a troublemaker — she was organizing a mass walk out if I got published with Naked Snake Press. She gave the ultimatum “Pacione goes or we go” the publisher stood up for me and she earned the lead spot on Tabloid Purposes 3. That author who tried to get me pulled from Naked Snake Press started a rivalry with my co-author and contributor — that author is now MIA. I wish I could get back in touch with her too because we made a hell of a writing team. I couldn’t find someone to collaborate with because it is hard to find a writer who can keep up. It was a writer who did the synopsis for Tabloid Purposes One who confided in me that Angeline Hawkes was no friend — I used to consider her a friend in 2002 when I came to AuthorsDen. I threatened to drop her book off at a resale shop so it can collect dust for what she did to me, I wrote FUCKBEATER targeting her and her husband killing them off in a transgressive way. She was the reason I was throw out of the HWA in 2006 — I was recommended for a Bram Stoker Award with Quakes And Storms for best anthology and for best longer fiction was Lake Fossil II on HorrorMasters.com.
     My reputation of publishing other publishers is something that stands in the small press. I didn’t expect to be a mainstay either — I don’t have a message board that works now and horrorworld.org wants me to die and my works to die with me — though I appeared with some of the best in the business and can hold my own with the old masters like H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe. My contributors can do the same. There was two writers who welcomed me and Shenouda to Naked Snake Press and one of them was my Wild Cat Books anthology mate. I don’t like what Angeline did and can never forgive her — she had the gall to try to add my younger sister on facebook. I went to her message and said “Stay the fuck away from my sister.” I will never buy a book from her again. I bought one collection she wrote — what she did left a bitter taste in my mouth. In the years I’ve been published I have never seen a writer organize a mass walk out — she even tried to organize a media blackout. Mary Sangiovanni took a verbal shit on House Of Spiders 3 on the same message board.
      The problem with my generation in the horror genre is we are at each other’s throats. There are a lot of horror writers my age and I broke my peers in on the anthologies. My peers are wide range of horror and in my bracket writing everything from erotic horror to what I do as a horror writer being like Richard Matheson writing a broad range of sub-genres of horror. I’ve written in every subgenre of horror except erotic horror. Shadow of the Gathering is close I get to writing zombies. I like writing hospital set horror stories and those are lot of fun. When I cowrote — I showed the collaboration to Terry, he was having fun trying to guess who wrote what because we took turns writing the deaths in the story. I am trying to figure out who wrote the highest death count in a story — I counted 28 deaths in House of Spiders 3. I wish I could get access to the story because I will publish it again on createspace with an introduction. I couldn’t have written my more extreme horror stories without writing that novella. It was my first that I did the creature gothic horror with the graphic violence on a higher level but it was the first time I went with a really fast pace with the story. House Of Spiders was like that too — it starts out slow then goes ultra-fast in the end. I learned from Jospeh Armstead when it came to writing fast paced material he was my introduction to action vampire noir.
     I have a hard time in the new decade getting noticed with my work, trying to find a target audience because I am such a broad ranged horror and science fiction writer. I am trying to get a cyberpunk audience with my novella in Tabloid Book Five.