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Lake Fossil Press Anthologies: The Condensed Volumes e-book is available for purchase on Lulu.com. Join up with them for free and buy a copy. It features three works of mine which all appear in Dirty Black Winter. The book will have an introduction I wrote in 2011 called No Life Til Dark Literature. The introduction talks about each publication and when it first came out plus when I released More Frightening Than Fiction. Also my short stor Media Darling is available for purchase on barnes and noble.com on their nook reader. You can preview some of the stories in Tabloid Purposes or my first book over there. The Condensed Volumes is available for review copies if you e-mail me at nickolauspacione@aim.com with e-book reviews in subject line. The Condensed Volumes has to be reviewed in a special way — story by story review in detail.
       I am making some leeway on Gruesome Cargo II. It is 3,481 words and climbing. My reviews on Goodreads are also getting longer too as well as my replies — I am dealing with an asshole who endorsed a corrupt publisher’s novella. I read parts of that novella and thought I can write better without even trying. I got called fan fiction writer by Skullvines Press, and one thing is this they will not last if they went alone without merging with Karen Koehler. I will never submit to those assholes, I would rather submit to a 4theluv publication than work with those half-assed publications. They might work with the author who praised my work but if a publisher goes around calling a writer’s body of work fan fiction, that is insulting and need to be punched in the head over it. That discredits the writer all together and make it hard for them to get published — that is part of the reason I will never submit to that company. One nice guy doesn’t balance out the bad eggs of the business. They are another S.E. Cox waiting to implode.