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I am going to link up The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 10. Just sign up with Lulu.com for free and buy this dark and menacing issue. It features a reprint of a true paranormal account that was originally published in Withersin Birth Issue. The closing entry is the most shocking true story I published. Dan Willow who blogs as Reverend Beast goes into graphic detail about how he escapes from homosexuality. There are going to be a lot of gay authors pissed off at this because he goes into detail calling himself a faggot, an asshole and coward. When I edited the testimony I added a walking abomination. The testimony would be recommended for fans of Poppy Z. Brite. I got a lot of hell publishing this, but this was my reputation on the line publishing former classmates. AngryInIllinois brags about how I “lost” Lake Fossil Press when he posts “covers” that are stolen from other websites. I am close with four of the writers on this issue. One of them went on to be published in the second namesake and offered to be the co-editor of a few anthologies. I am going to let her post the guidelines on Ralan.com for the anthology listing her as the editor while I am going to be the co-editor on there. She knows horror well because she wrote the funniest story and the sickest one in the magazine. The story is in this issue of the magazine titled FAT BUSTERS.
      This issue will have my second story as Lloyd Phillip Campbell and with the true paranormal account I decided to republish it as N.A. Pacione with a photograph from the old apartment. I am sending this magazine around for review, and get some reactions with Apt. #2W — you can discuss the issue on my fan page on facebook.com. I will post links to publications featuring my work and links to freebies. I am going to write some freebies for Deviantart.com again soon but working on a new story as Lloyd Phillip Campbell critical of queer horror. I created a character that wrote stories containing fag sex and the un-pc aspect of this is I mention the anally inflicted death sentence. The lead author in the issue is one I tossed the idea around about writing a story featuring S.E. Cox in an anthology killing her off. He laughed and said that was the best revenge. Well as Lloyd Phillip Campbell I am going to have some fun with Marc Lyth. He just became Lloyd Phillip Campbell’s horror plaything. As Lloyd I write characters who write erotic horror but this has a traditional horror delivery — a twilight zone delivery like Logan Swanson. The Suicide Man was illustrated and it got me a reader contribution for Issue 11 — I inspired a writer as Lloyd Phillip Campbell and he was trying to make the connection between writing as Lloyd Campbell and writing as my own name or as N.A. Pacione.
      I am toying with an idea to write a full novel as Lloyd Phillip Campbell and submit it to a professional market. The story as Lloyd Phillip Campbell reads as a transgressive Twilight Zone story because it the first time I make reference to fucking the dead. It is going to be controversial and dark, and it makes reference to Fight Club though I am not influenced by him. The story as Lloyd Phillip Campbell is critical of writers like Andrew Wolter who wrote a graphic scene of someone getting his dick bit off and swallowed. I am critical of gay horror because it tends to corrupt the youth, and the story also swipes at Oscar Wilde. It will borrow traits from Bret Easton Ellis though I am not influenced by that writer, it is a nod to Logan swanson and Richard Bachman. The SUicide Man was a dark supernatural horror story I did as him, Horror Target was very controversial. The story as Lloyd Phillip Campbell takes swipes at Poppy Z. Brite and the eroticism she conveyed in the genre.