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Dead Child’s Prayer

This one is the start of writing more surreal and very dark material again. Writing from my nightmares got me published on THe House Of Pain with a short story titled Gruesome Cargo which was a toned down but very dark short story that first appeared on diary-x.com. I am linking this one up here for those who are reading the blog, if you like the entry you can link it to your blog and comment on it. It is a sample I use to show magazines before I send them a manuscript for publication. David Summers reprinted Observations From An Abandoned Seminary to Tales of the Talisman from the journal being my first publication in the magazine as a nonfiction author. I get placed with my nonfiction first then with my fiction. Withersin sought me out for my nonfiction, I got a lot of respect for the nonfiction writing the story that got a lot of feedback is The Cabbie Homicide. I cut that story out of the Lulu.com version of Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape, it was originally the closing story in the booksurge version. I am about 3,944 words on Gruesome Cargo II and almost 2000 words on the Lloyd Phillip Campbell penned story. I am being critical of graphic queer horror in that one, there are some really un-pc references to AIDS by calling it the anally inflicted death sentence. I submitted Jesus Freak for Tales of the Talisman and he turned it down but liked the ending — it was literary fiction that progressed into hardcore gothic horror. The story is on the other computer and I am trying to get it off there so I can sell it.
       It was slated to appear in a Static Movement anthology called Gothic Worlds but they canceled it because they didn’t have enough submissions. I am going to send 21 Days to an anthology with the condition they lift it off my journal and let me keep it omline. I use that journal for writing samples and want to repeat the results I did when I first got diary-x. Proving having a single entry journal can get you published in print. I got a following in 2001-2005 with that journal on diary-x.com and codexed.com is the same team. I encourage every writer to get a journal at codexed.com and use it for their freebies if they can design the journal to look like a LiveJournal layout. That is one of my specialties. I can make a Codexed or diary-x skeleton from a livejournal. They work nicely too, I wrote Damnation Observes in a surreal way and I showed some of these entries to John Edward Lawson. He said I can do the PG-13 style quite well. I’ve been doing the PG-13 style horror since 2002 when I adopted a postmodern storytelling style when my delivery was characterless using the first person delivery when it comes to the story. Lloyd Phillip Campbell’s story has a fan fiction writer being tormented and having publishers tell him to give up so he makes a deal with the devil to get published.
       I can’t believe it had been nine years ago that I was discovered by Nicholas Grabowsky on Downwarden, and a friend from his circle is wanting to give me an interview — this friend had been following my career since I emerged on Mockfear.com. The site went black now so I can’t show anyone the location, the owner of the site raised a huge stink with me being on Naked Snake Press in 2006. I got a lot of positive feedback from some of the authors on the roster via AuthorsDen.com — I got over 500 reviews of my short stories on AuthorsDen.com so I made a huge impact on that website since I joined. I was a fixture in the horror section for a good part of my time there — my poetry got me noticed but I got a following from my short stories. Joseph Armstead was my biggest advocates on AuthorsDen.com. He said I did the work of two writers all by myself when I invited him to co-write on a short story. The one I was co-writing with is Brian Ross but lost touch with him to finish the story. I am trying to find another collaborator to double my chances to get into Weird Tales or Cemetery Dance but I need to work with someone who can help me do a genuinely creepy story that is very toned down. Something along the lines of R.L. Stine. R.L. inspired The Fandom Writer but reading some of his work along with Windows to the Soul I learned how to tone it down but Gruesome Cargo II and the Lloyd Phillip Campbell story are very graphic.
       My nightmare journal is something that would fit some of the bizarro anthologies but my settings are in real places — the other entry that I recommend is String of Nerves. That one came about because of a livejournal comment in 2003 by some queer who wanted to write a slash fiction story between me and my son. I wanted to kick his ass over it, he was going for a swim in the Chicago River over the north avenue bridge. That asshole’s taunt of calling me a retarded H.P. Lovecraft ripoff got me on the radio in 2003 but that was a learning experience about having a thick skin. When I wrote Dead Child’s Prayer I was going for an atmosphere like I did when I first wrote Gruesome Cargo nine years earlier. Gruesome Cargo II is going to be an atmospheric son of a bitch.