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The one thing I grew to write with great fun in horror is hardcore graphic violence — GAME OVER is the most graphic book I’ve written in terms of violence because I had a Vlad the Impaler death in there. The new short story is very graphic with the violence, The Midnight Diner was graphic because I had a naked woman’s breasts cut off in the story. That was the first time I had nudity in a story. I don’t write with nudity that often — I get called a prude because I don’t write graphic sex scenes. I find that a turn off to the reader but I find other things to write about in horror that would unnerve the reader. Gruesome Cargo II is close to what would be in the pages of Chimeraworld II but it is going to have some large paragraph blocks like Edgar Allan Poe, the first story owes itself to Edgar Allan Poe.
     Mike Philbin told me to lose the Poe when I showed him Halloween Girl. It had been nine years since I wrote that psychological vampire story. It was scary because it had no dialog. Gruesome Cargo had no dialog but the sequel has two characters in there. I am going to have traits of Edgar Allan Poe in this new story, for the first time it has the Edgar Allan Poe influence since writing the first Gruesome Cargo. I’ve been compared to Poe on a number of occasions, and can hold my own with Poe’s work — Ghosts In The Tornado was my scariest PG-13 rated horror story but Gruesome Cargo II is the third adult horror story I’ve written in a long time. GAME OVER is adult horror, it is very graphic and transgressive — this story I reference Marquis De Sade and fetish references. Something that John Everson did with is work, but I am going darker than his entire body of work.
      I am going to show Marc Lyth that he is not going to go anywhere in the industry by taking a ripe shit on my anthologies — ever since he was pulled out of The Ethereal Gazette with A Story of Love he decided to make my life a living hell. I am looking for stories about writers who terrorize the publisher after they been dropped. My namesake anthology he decided to call every story in there a work of public domain horror when there when it is a mixed era anthology — it had been three years since I rebooted the book and looking for a magazine that would give me a chance but seems like the writers out there who want to see me blacklisted are the ones writing gay horror or same sex erotic horror. I got a lot of flack for not publishing erotic horror. I believe it is distracting from the story.
      As a Christian it is hard to get noticed writing graphic horror, they don’t expect it. Kevin Lucia grew in just the short period he was published to working with Shroud Magazine — I am looking for a collaborator to get a story in the hands of Morpheus Tales. Gruesome Cargo II is too long for their publication — it is about 3,500 words. I could easy make this one 4800 words. I am going for that when writing this story. I am not writing about people’s cocks getting bit off or people’s anuses getting ripped up after they’ve been fucked in it repeatedly. I don’t write about erect cocks in horror stories, there are some writers who are good at this — that is not for me as an editor. I try to remember I had a much younger fanbase because of FictionPress.com — and writing a toned down novel is a challenge. It is graphic with the beheading in a car accident. Authors like Ray Garton and David Nail Wilson don’t want to see me published — Garton picked a fight with me on shoggoth.net. I will never buy a book from either Garton or Wilson because they are paid fan fiction writers, they get paid for jacking off on fandom.
     One of the places that followed my career is Bloopwatch.org and I was a regular on shoggoth.net when they were active. My second interview was with them, and my first book has a few Cthulhu Mythos stories in there. It has my best vampire story title Among Shadows — that is the story that is the preview to the book on Lulu.com. Gruesome Cargo II is return to the Edgar Allan Poe descriptive horror in an extremely violent sense of the word. I have my critic in the industry when it comes to editing anthologies, Ramsey Campbell became one of those critics — when I got placed in the Edgar Allan Poe Museum two years ago I told him to sit back and enjoy the show. The editor where I got her blessing on my projects is Ellen Daltow. I want to produce as many anthologies as her, but looking for other publishers so I can expand my editor’s resume.
  &nbsopl; &nbspl; When it comes to gay horror I am it’s biggest critic. I don’t publish it nor look at it — there are markets out there for it and an audience for it, I am not one of those markets. I will publish more Christian Hardcore Horror. I want to do a Christian Horror anthology on Lake Fossil Press and the author I want is from the Midnight Diner because her story is akin to my more toned down Gothic Horror. I want the faith aspect because there are a lot of people out there hungry for God in horror, I am including that in the self-cannibalism story. I owe Gruesome Cargo II to Survivor Type by Stephen King. Anyone can write sex and horror, it is more rewarding and more challenging to find other subject matter to play with and other taboos to fuck around with such as censorship.