He is a house pen name I started using when I wanted to do social commentary in Gothic Horror. The first story I wrote as him appears in The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 6 — the running joke in the story was no one wants to read about two fags. I was swiping at the trend of homoeroticism that is trying to be passed off as horror. He writes like Logan Swanson and Richard Bachman the pen names of Stephen King and Richard Matheson. I wrote a few stories as him all in The Ethereal Gazette, someone decided to lift him and try to make him a fag poet. I caught him doing this and decided to get the books pulled from Lulu.com and he is starting up on AuthorsDen.com. I don’t write as a pen name often but that was the first time I did a story with a pen name — I wrote Horror Target as him.
      I plan to write more horror as him but looking for the right market to introduce him to. I am looking to co-write stories as Lloyd Phillip Campbell. The darkest story I wrote as him is titled The Suicide Man. That one was illustrated by Donna Burgess’ cousin — it was something that really gave the story some life. You can read this story in the pages of Issue 10. I republished Apt. #2W as my nonfiction professional name N.A. Pacione. I will write stories as N.A. Pacione too. I am billed as Nickolaus A. Pacione when I am published in magazines and anthologies — but I blog as my short name on tumblr. I started writing as a pen name so I can swipe at Skullvines Press for their piracy of my memoir, one of the staff members left a malicious review of the memoir on goodreads not saying where they got it from. I am the most pirated writer in the small press.
     Gay writers hate Lloyd with a passion because he writes ultra-conservative slants of speculate horror fiction, much of what I do when I write science fiction. I destroy San Fran in Storms of Armageddon and leave it for dead in Cyber:Terror:Machine. Someone lifted the pen name and wrote gay poetry as him in form an abomination called Modern Love. The blogger decided to create a wordpress account as him saying that I am some kind of troll — I will not let someone lift pen names and make them get same sex married. That is wrong to rape someone’s pen name. I will never lift someone’s pen name to write a story — I continue to write as Lloyd Phillip Campbell but it won’t be that often I will write as him. The subject matter as Lloyd is more political and plays off the territory of a psychological thriller with supernatural horror traits. I piss a lot of people off as him, they want my blood and see me blacklisted in the genre because what I write as him is more controversial than what I do under my own name.
      I got the fake Lloyd pulled from Lulu.com and trying to get him pulled from smashwords.com. AngryInIllinois lifted him for a blurb on a plagiarized book. The troll poet lifted titles of my books and short stories for his shitty poems. I pointed this out to Sage Sweetwater on AuthorsDen.com and she was going “holy shit”– my professional name is the name I was born with. I got on a newstand in 2008 under N.A. Pacione and the magazine is out of print so I republished the story in Issue 10. I am thinking about stories to write as Lloyd and ideas to play around with — just hope they are not too controversial to run. Being a straight man and single in the horror genre is hard, and writing as Lloyd Phillip Campbell the story I made up when it came to getting submissions as him is that the submissions were hand delivered by his girlfriend on a disk in Joliet. I didn’t want people knowing that he was me. I guised my style when I wrote The Thing At The Truck Stop — a lot of the writers on the magazine couldn’t realize that it was me writing the story and were going holy shit.