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I started a new story as Lloyd Phillip Campbell and this one is very dialog driven and relies on some atmospherics. It reads like something Richard Matheson would had came up with if he was writing as Logan Swanson if he was co-writing with Tim Burton. It is the weirdest story I am doing as him and I cuss in the title. I am hoping Morpheus Tales will take this one for their magazine. It will be the first time I am submitting out as Lloyd — it will be controversial but I am trying not to make gay jokes in the story. They don’t want anything homophobic so I have to tone down the political and social commentary. I decided to make S.E. Cox his plaything how a washed up publisher lives out a surreal nightmare before her eyes.
      It will be politically incorrect but trying not to go cross the line with this one. I am trying to keep his stories PG-13. I am about 1000 words with this new one and the max they would take is 3000 words firm so I have to do this just right to get it placed. I read a sample of the magazine on the website so I know who they published. Michael Liamo was published with them and Eric S. Brown appears in the pages of the magazine. The new story is a mix between The Twilight Zone and a bizarro yarn but nothing too out there that wouldn’t get me placed. I am also looking to write a Cthulhu Mythos short for Lovecraft E-Zine, I’ve been following that site for the last two months and they produced some serious talent in the realms of Lovecraftian Horror. I would like to co-write with someone and send something to them — perhaps a Lovecraftian Dystopia story. I have ideas for Lovecraftian Horror, just haven’t written one in this vein since writing The Fandom Writer II. I don’t write Lovecraftian Horror as Lloyd, I have different ideas for him and play around with a wide range of horror subgenres. I really do want to submit a story here for publication.
      I’ve been writing as Lloyd since 2007 but only have a few short stories in his catalog. I am thinking about doing a full length novel as Lloyd Phillip Campbell but the thing is finding the right publisher to it. I want to send the novel I am working on right now to Naked Snake Press when it is finished. I read a preview of Donna’s new collection, she included Awake Ghost Song in there. She can do that because she retains the original copyrights even after I published it. I want to pitch an anthology to Naked Snake Press and handle the submission guidelines for it. I want to break in more writers of horror via FictionPress for them on that site writing is a hobby and never expect to be published. Well I have been breaking writers in from that site for nine years up to this point and since 2007 from fan fiction.net.
     One short story I enjoyed reading is I’m All In. Which is a suspenseful horror story. I am going to encourage her to submit to Morpheus Tales with some of her work to test her chops with the established horror writer counterparts. I am linking an old dead vampire midwestern I wrote that got published right from FictionPress and this is going to stay an exclusive to FictionPress.com — it is titled In The Eyes Of A Skull which merges Bram Stoker with H.P. Lovecraft. This got picked up by G.W. Thomas in 2006 for RAGE MACHINE MAGAZINE. I also scout the horror fandoms for writers because they have the imagination for the macabre just not with the characters they own. I get unique ideas from scouting the fandoms too because they know how to do the atmosphere in horror, it is just a matter of them actually getting down and do an original horror story.