The mammoth sequel featuring Donna Burgess’ as the lead author is on Bn.com — Tabloid Purposes 3. I figured I would promote Awake Ghost Song on here while she gets Naked Snake Press going again and thinking I might send the completed novel to them when I have it done. This one also features Lawrence Dagstine in his first appearance on Lake Fossil Press and Kenneth Goldman with a unique story called Gull Tender. This is noted for publishing J.M. Heluk as the second writer on the TOC — one of the writers went on to do erotica. But he will always be remembered as being part of the star struck line up that is Tabloid Purposes II though it is now out of print. The second Ethereal Gazette is available for direct purchase as a hardcover. Donna has a unique voice in horror she is the female Richard Matheson. It is good to see her publishing again, her book covers are very impressive for the small press. Naked Snake Press and Lake Fossil Press had some distinct covers for our titles. She was responsible for breaking out Barbara Shenouda. She was the second writer to submit to Tabloid Purposes 3 and one of the best entries in the anthology.
      I want to edit an anthology for Naked Snake Press if she is game for anthologies. I want a vehicle that would get me on kindle but the thing with kindle the formatting of books are all fucking wonky. Nook isn’t much better because it takes out all the custom fonts that were uploaded to pdf format. Tabloid Purposes 3 goes for $13 on nook format but you can get a preview of Donna’s story and my introduction. This is the third anthology I introduced and I took a swipe at Timothy Lieder with his tags of “gay sex” on my books on amazon.com. The memoir was born because of the bullying Donna got for publishing me. The memoir took the direction it took to take the heat off Donna when she promoted me she billed me as critically acclaimed and controversial — I got the critical acclaim but I have yet to get blurbs in the industry for my anthologies. I got a good blurb via facebook from Lansdale — Nick blurbed me when he published me on downwarden calling me dark and talented.
      The writers on The House of Pain encouraged me to become a publisher because of the closing of the e-zine and they needed a vehicle for their short stories. Trent Zelazny was the first contributor to The Ethereal Gazette along with Brian W. Keen. That is the first time I worked with Brian W. Keen and Mike Philbin put a good word in for him on my publications. I get pissed off when people confuse him with asshole author Brian Keene. Brian Keene raised as stink that I was carried on Shocklines for the first time with the collaboration — too bad they didn’t carry my anthologies though. I am trying to find new life in the old publications on bn.com hopefully some people discover these talented writers I was blessed to work with for the first time and embrace them like Stephen King and Richard Matheson.