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Lake Fossil was the first story I wrote that got sequels and a contributor to the magazine wrote a damn good spin-off of the series on the magazine. Craig Smith did this as a Christmas present in 2007 and he nailed it writing me in as journalist playing off my stint on associated content. Lake Fossil II and III were ambitious for me — Lake Fossil II got picked up on HorrorMasters.com and appeared on the second issue of the magazine. Lake Fossil III appears now in the reboot of Issue 6 of The Ethereal Gazette. It is the only story in my catalog I will allow fan fiction to be written off of as long as I get to publish it. Writing The Fandom Writer II I was good and pissed off at S.E. Cox for her accusations of stealing manuscripts on her myspace blog, I had contributors make guest appearances in the story kicking the shit out of her character. It was a dark and very surreal horror story that plays off The Cthulhu Mythos. S.E. Cox is a washed up horrotica writer who endorses a writer who writes about dicks getting bit off and swallowed by monsters.
      She picked a fight with me because of a rant I did on blogspot saying I am not a pawn — the e-zine that almost ran me called the story a fictional one that read as a nonfictional one, the tools don’t realize the story is a work of nonfiction. Going back to writing The Fandom Writer II it was hard because I was trying to capture the magic and the humor that was in the first one. Instead of sending the character to hell have her realize she was in a comatose nightmare written buy a character inspired by Wes Craven. Revisiting Gruesome Cargo is easier but the story is much longer and a lot more violent then references imaginations of people who have a lack of sex. This is the first story I even mention sex in it but I am not graphic.
   I am very dark and atmospheric with this one, something that had me coined as the horror writer who is much darker than Clive Barker. I am not influenced by him but in college I read The Hellbound Heart. I was just trying to get a feel for what I wanted to do personally as a horror writer then I discovered friend and author J.M. Barlog. My toned down style I owe to J.M. Barlog because he was able to do something rather creepy with Windows To The Soul — I wanted to capture the same atmosphere, because he did it without being perverse. A true storyteller can do that, I came across J.M. Barlog again in recent years when I was the moderator of Web of Horror — I sent him a short story when I was 20 years old called The Blood Covenant. He almost got me published in 1997 with his publishing company but I didn’t have enough material. My fiction wasn’t as cinematic with the storytelling yet though I had stories that were like that, Wrong Side of the Tracks was one of those stories. I will invite writers to expand my shorter works as long as I get credit for the original story. Adam Smith took me up on that offer in the lead story on The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 11.
      When I decided to revisit Gruesome Cargo — I wanted to make it even more bizarre, darker and more surreal. It owes itself to the short story Survivor Type by Stephen King and his exploration of self-cannibalism. It has the traits of the original story but this one is something that is as extreme as what Mike Philbin or the bizarro writers would produce. It makes reference to perversion and blasphemy — it is a very dark H.P. Lovecraft take on surreal horror. I am looking to write a shorter story for Morpheus Tales as Lloyd Phillip Campbell — they don’t take hate literature so The Thing At The Truck Stop wouldn’t make the bill because of the controversial jokes at the expense of all male romance writers or all male erotica writers. It was darkly funny for as grisly of a horror story it is — it was Logan Swanson on steroids. This story though has a lot of H.P. Lovecraft traits — the return of writing atmospheric horror. That is something I published the most in the magazine and Twilight Zone homages. I might write a Twilight Zone type story for Morpheus Tales they published a few of Naked Snake Press’ alumni and when I am working on my novel it has the dark traits of Tales from the Dark side. I wrote An Eye In Shadows about the time I was editing Tabloid Purposes IV and the first writers to see it as a work in progress were Terry Vinson and one of my publishers in a magazine for a work of nonfiction, Cinsearae Santigo. I was the only traditional horror writer represented in that magazine though I didn’t promote Dark Gothic Resurrected because of the writer who raised the fit of wanting out of Tabloid Purposes IV and calling the book a large cookie factory when it was 600 pages. The first short story I wrote after the memoir was a bizarro yarn called Damnation Observes where I appear along side Gabrielle Faust and Kevin Lucia — there were people harassing the publisher to re-issue the anthology with my story cut from the book.
     I was cut from Diabolic Tales II’s reboot because they found out I am a born again Christian, I tried to share my faith with the one who raised the biggest hissy fit. The gays will give me flack because I published a former homosexual in the magazine, the contributor is the closest thing I have to a best friend in the business — my best friend who is an author is the poet Apathademon. He inspired some of my work to take it to an even darker level. Publishing Dan Willow was the best thing I ever did and it was something that gave the magazine some controversy along with publishing a cannibalism story by Carol Sullivan. Carol is the female version of me when doing extreme horror, she contributed to Issued 12 when I told her I got Ray Neslon on board. I worked with one of the writers from Darkened Horizons: Issue 3 and this one got noticed by HorrorWorld.org. I was wondering what they thought of my cleanly written bizarro yarn. It had no swearing or references to sex it was a weird fiction tale from me along the lines when I wrote Gruesome Cargo in The House Of Pain.
     Gruesome Cargo II is Stephen King collaborating with H.P. Lovecraft and Hertzan Chimera. Hertzan for as psychotic he was, he was one of the most surreal writers out there in the business. I did the surreal too but not like him. I thought about submitting to Bizarro Central with some material but the thing is I might be too normal for their publications. I got turned down for Tales of the Talisman for Flying Cigars because it was too G rated — well it is PG rated for me. I am trying to do a PG-13 horror story for Morpheus Tales but the new Gruesome Cargo is one of the most grotesque stories I’ve written it is up there with The Fandom Writer II in the graphic nature because I refer to piss and shit in the story. I am going to make some people faint with this short story and I might be writing some freebies for Deviantart.com some exclusive material for there. The one thing you will not see come out of me is descriptions of graphic sex scenes of people getting fucked in every hole and their dick getting bit off in their genitals with teeth. I am graphic with other things but not with sex — I am graphic with suicide, Vlad the impaler deaths, and beheadings in car accidents.
      When Barb and I co-wrote House of Spiders 3 — we took turns with how graphic the horror was especially when the spiders killed a human. House of Spiders was really graphic with how the victims would pus from the spider bite wounds and bleed from the eyes. I showed this one to Terry Vinson and he couldn’t guess who wrote what in the novella. I wrote the Cthulhu Mythos aspects to the story where the spiders were a Great Old One. I wrote The Midnight Diner to show Kevin Lucia I can do the faith based horror but I am more violent and not afraid to say “fuck” in my work. The Fandom Writer II drops “faggot” and cocksucker. GAME OVER is more transgressive but I am looking to write a story that is a transgressive version of Richard Matheson. Something that would give writers like Bret Easton Ellis a run for their money. The new story will give a nod to HORNS when he was writing on The House of Pain and it will have the traits of The House of Pain and Chimeraworld. But the thing is it is one of the most taboo stories I’ve written. I write with really graphic displays of visceral violence in stories when I do extreme horror, I combine a number of subgenres in the same story — it has elements of Gothic Horror, atmospheric horror, Lovecraftian Horror and surreal horror. This one is going to give Carlton Mellick III’s weird material a run for his money — I can’t get that weird but I like to see him do something that gets him in Morpheus Tales or Cemetery Dance. A traditional horror story with the surreal moments.