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Gruesome Cargo II is done and submitted off to Clarkesworld Magazine. Let’s hope I don’t make the editors sick with how graphic it is and the fetish references. This is my first really adult horror story in a long time. I am looking to write two as Lloyd Phillip Campbell — one to send to Dark Discoveries and the other to Morpheus Tales. I am trying to expand my resume as writer as well as an editor. I am looking for publishers to run an anthology with as an editor. I was checking out one of the already published short stories on the magazine to see what they publish, this is one of them. Let’s hope to God I am in good company if I get accepted to that magazine. I was turned down from there when Nick Matamas was the editor, he actually insulted me when he rejected me.
      The new story would been too adult for Tales of the Talisman because of the graphic descriptions of self-cannibalism and someone getting their cock cut off. Graphic sexual mutilation no sex scenes but references to the dick and fetish. I was dragged to a fetish party when I was 30 years old by the former room mate because she was doing a giveaway or media serviced. I started laughing when she said being serviced. I was in for a culture shock and felt like the stranger in a strange land. GAME OVER’s tormented character was set in the dark alternative world, I am looking to write more horror stories using Goth characters both as myself and as Lloyd Phillip Campbell. Spectral Exile was the first story I did this with, Ghosts In The Tornado was the second. I was turned down from Punk Horror because I wasn’t punk enough for the publication.
     Submitting to Darkened Horizons was an afterthought but I just finished Damnation Observes at the time — it was a 2400 word story. The editor cut the story down to 2100 words. The new story is like Damnation Observes in many ways except this was written with characters and more dialog. It has long paragraph blocks like the old stories and old entries on diary-x.com. I noticed I was using longer paragraph blocks my first novel and they are appearing on this blog once more. I am also looking for a collaborator on a short story so I can submit to Nightmare Magazine. I want to do a PG-13 horror story but push how far I can get using a PG-13 rating. I learned how to do PG-13 rated horror in 2002. Before then I was doing graphic horror fiction where there was sexual mutilation (the dick gets cut off and shoved in the dead guys mouth.) Gruesome Cargo II is close as I get to writing a story like Mike Philbin and Nicholas Alan Tillemans. It is dark and surreal, elements of body horror and atmospheric horror.
    &nbsp As Lloyd Phillip Campbell I might do a washed up publisher story since I was dealing with three publishers who were all washed up and all they do now is pick fights on their blogs. I get picked on in the genre because I do write clean at times when it comes to stories — meaning no graphic violence, no sex and no swearing. I can capture the scare without the cheap thrills. Lovecraft and Poe didn’t swear in their work, but once in awhile I will throw around fuck and faggot. Lloyd Phillip Campbell when he did The Thing At The Truck Stop was a swipe at the writers of all male romance in horror. House of Cards was an exercise in transgressive fiction for me. I want to do a Gothic Transgressive Horror story for a publication but some might say it would be too over the top. The new story had references to God in there because the nurse character was a born again Christian.