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The Grim Reverend does a blog about Issue 13 featuring his novel — he was one of the more extreme writers I published in the pages of the magazine. He did a very twisted vampire story. This was the first full length novella I decided to run the pages of The Ethereal Gazette. He couldn’t believe he was sharing a TOC with Edgar Allan Poe. My entry in the issue is called Not Your Typical Night Out about a horrific car accident I walked away from in Chicago. I wanted to do something dark but different from my horror catalog in the pages of the anniversary issue since I started publishing nonfiction in my books, Collectives had Accident Revisited and Haunted Thoughts. The first issue of the magazine I published a travel piece about New Orleans. Issue 5 had The Pattern of Diagnosis — that story got a fanbase because of Cinsearae Santiago. She was the beta reader on the 2007 rewrite of An Eye In Shadows.
     I found Rev on AuthorsDen.com and he has a voice that is one of the darkest bizarro writers out there and he is the second bizarro fiction author I published. I was looking for cleanly written bizarro yarn for The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 6. When I re-issued the sixth issue minus the Boyer plagiarized piece I decided to replace it with Lake Fossil 3 making the issue 200 pages. The 13th Issue is 280 pages and the lead story is by a writer who came from Naked Snake Press and appeared with me on Dark Gothic Resurrected. This issue is the most unique because it is the third issue to carry an oil painting for the cover art. Oil painting in the small press are hard to come by for artwork. I like when the person can draw — I want someone to draw a pen and ink artwork for the cover of the real person horror anthology. I am not looking for something that resembles Shatnerquest with the real person horror stories but I want something set in the here and now. I want dark like Rev. Steven Rage’s story.

The Grim Reverend Steven Rage. Read Like The Devil.

The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 13

Paperback, 284 pages

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This issue of The Ethereal Gazette we have writers Pamela K. Kinney and her artist coming on to do the cover art, Rev. Steven Rage with a gritty vampire novella in its entirely and a presentation of The Black Cat By Edgar Allan Poe with the original artwork by Beardsley. There are more stories than one can shake a stick at in here, and there is one by Hilton Bush which was a referral by a…

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