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The contributors who turned out to be royal dicks that I want to just punch in the fucking head are the ones I want to be blacklisted in the business, some went on to be failed publishers and worked with publishers who didn’t deserve them. I became friends with one of their publishers in recent years. Erick Enck is the biggest dick in the business who bites the hand that feeds him — I paid already paid him to be a part of Tabloid Purposes IV but he decided to stab me in the back. I am glad I didn’t publish him, I just want to jack him in the head for the shit he did to my books on good reads and praised the author who tried to railroad the first Tabloid Purposes. I published more talented writers than what the mass market has to produce — I wouldn’t publish Mary Sangiovanni because she is stuck up. I used to run a message board with her called The Carnival of Wicked Writers. It was on that board I picked the idea of an anthology featuring self-published writers and underpublished writers like myself.
      The cocksucker I Want to kick the crap out of is Marc Lyth because he decided to pull a Kody Boye on The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 10. The other one who did this was Jane Timm Baxter — she made me angry enough to wipe myself with one of her books. She wasn’t happy with what she got paid in Tabloid Purposes and she was slated to appear in One, II and IV. I will never work with Baxter again and don’t care if she never gets published again. Lyth is too much of a dick to be published — he was a referral, and he crawled to a corrupt publisher like House of Horror E-Zine — I worked with a writer on that e-zine and read the story that he had on the e-zine. Talented but someone who was torn between publishers because of the fights publishers have with rival publishers. Kody Boye when he was fourteen blew up my inbox in 2007 wanting out of Tabloid Purposes because he learned I was the guy who urinated on Darren McKeeman’s photograph and uploaded the aftermath. He didn’t know why I did that, and he called me homophobic — when I read his story in Dark Gothic Resurrected I was glad he wasn’t included in the book.
     The writers I am close to were the writers on The Ethereal Gazette — they sometimes call me from time to time. I became very good friends with a lot of the contributors and they became advocates for what I do. Everett Bell called me the hardest working publisher in the business. Since what S.E. Cox did I have a hard time getting submissions, she almost killed Lake Fossil Press with what she did and endorsed a troll who goes trying to make my publishing company a gay romance publisher using my e-mail address for gay submissions. I got the line up for the second namesake after Panic Press imploded. There was a tug-a-war over two writers on the roster because one of them submitted to me first. I published the refugees of that publishing company and will do an anthology featuring more of her refugees. I knew that one wasn’t going to last because of her calling me The Pacione Disease. She worked with GUD Magazine who leaked Blood Contender after rejecting it — the fags called The Ethereal Gazette a ripoff of their magazine.
       I did the condensed volumes so I can solve the contributor copy problem with the lesser known issues of the magazine. I will see to it that Marc Lyth never gets published again — and I am encouraging writers to do stories featuring the bag of dicks in horror stories and kill the prick off in horrific ways. This is the writer I am going to make an example out of for taking a massive shit on the namesake anthology. He is the first writer I blacklisted from submitting to any publication on Lake Fossil Press — and he will not be published again. The only way he will be published is if he pays a grand with a vanity press. I might do a story that has Marc Lyth as a horror target and submit it to a professional market. He pissed me off that much, where he came forward saying I stole A Story of Love — the dicksucker was pissed off that I included a PSA saying he was impossible to work with. He was impossible to work with, I want to flat out kill him for what he is trying to do to me in the business.
     I became very good friends with a lot of the writers who were part of Tabloid Purposes II — one of the writers went professional and write crime fiction now because horror wasn’t paying. I get a lot of critics from other publishers who do anthologies, they are critical of my looking for hardcore horror and be grammar nazis about it. Marc Lyth decided to take his anger out on me by leaving malicious reviews of my books on Amazon.com saying that I was coming out in a review of my memoir when I am not or ever will be a flaming faggot. He praised a writer who threatened to have me locked away into a nuthouse, I read some of Garton’s material and he is nothing to write home about. He masturbates out fanfiction novels and gets paid for it. The other one that is a major asshole in the business is David Nail Wilson but it was Ray Garton I actually wanted to get into a fist fight with. The editor I want to get into a fist fight with is Darren McKeeman and have a trash the car party charging people $10 a piece to smash his car with a sledgehammer.