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There are a lot of assholes on goodreads who are not giving this book a chance, they prefer reading books like Queer Fear or Queer Fear II. They are not being fair to the classics in the anthology and what Marc Lyth said of the book on Amazon.com is entirely untrue. I will not read Barbed Wire Kisses by Scott Cuolbert because he sucks as a human being. I want to punch him in the head for the stunt he pulled on me a few years back after publishing Ray Nelson. He was trying to get Ray to withdraw from the publication when he was doing Bandersnatch Books. He was staff with two other fag authors, and they shunned traditional horror with a passion. I am not going to suppIort writers like that where my money can go to the contributors when I was a paying market. I would rather see Scott’s book unpublished and used for toilet paper. Colbert is just pissed that I would not publish gay horror in my anthologies.
      It had been a few years since I edited another anthology but I am going to be planning a few more and posting the guidelines. I have posted the guidelines for one of the anthologies here based off my fan fiction policies. If you are going to do real person fan fiction based off of me — I ask you to read the memoir, the second namesake anthology, and Tabloid Purposes Iv to get a feel for my photography. I am looking for them to be 2000-4400 words. No slash. I don’t want to be reading myself making out with another man because it is hard enough finding a girlfriend in the horror genre. I am not Tristan Wilde. I could see Andrew Wolter trying to make me a flaming homosexual in a story when he called me a homophobe and a momma’s boy on twitter telling everyone to block me. That is the third member of the Bandersnatch Books staff I clashed with. That is my conclusion that all the staff are assholes. The faggot one starred Tabloid Purposes 3 on goodreads.com. That is not being fair to the star of the book who republished the story in her new collection. I say get the collection for that story alone. With the real person horror anthology featuring me as a character in all the stories — I will publish the best story as a page by itself on this blog as the free preview.
      Some authors have their policies posted on Fanworks.org, I am giving the fan fiction writer a chance to be a published author. I published two writers from fanfiction.net first in The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 5 — the issue that is the most diverse with the writers. Alex Rivera was credited as the cover artist — the firs time I used an oil painter for a cover. Issue 5 and Issue 12 are the most unique of the issues because of this. I was blessed with a very talented artist for Issue 12 and had a guest illustrator come on to illustrate 8 O’Clock In The Morning. I remember I first read the story when it was posted on Geocities around the time when I did Tabloid Purposes. Casey Gordon and I were talking on AIM about the story and that inspired me to write the story that got accepted on Specficworld.com. One reviewer called Tabloid Purposes 3 fun to read and I am going to link that review here. I want the Nickolaus Pacione real person horror anthology to be fun to read and edit — I am willing to give fan fiction writers a chance to be published authors. I will put it out via Createspace.com — the stories will be satire and play off my Un-Pc attitude. Bonus if you do a story killing off my ex in the story in a gruesome way — much like how they used to burn witches at the stake. The real person horror stories being about 2000-4000 words, make them dark, atmospheric and surreal. Send stories to nickolauspacione@aim.com with “nickolaus pacione fan fiction” in the subject lines and as a .doc attachment.
      I am curious to see what the fan fiction writers can do with my vision being I draw my inspirations for horror from real life. I encourage them to read The Pattern of Diagnosis from Issue 5. I have heavy restrictions when it comes to fan fiction off my work — don’t even think of doing it off of House of Spiders. I am starting to allow it based off Library Of Bones. This would be the version I wrote off a typewriter in 2002. It is my Gothic breakout story and one of my most read and sought after. I stole one of Poppy Z. Brite’s fans away from her with this one. I want the fan fiction writers to do the real person horror stories in the style of Gruesome Cargo. Something that I would want to read. Feel free to make S.E. Cox and Marc Lyth characters in these stories and be sure to kill them off in a horrific way. Read Chimeraworld for ideas how to do the fan fiction stories because I want the stories to be something that pays homage to Chimeraworld too. I am looking for weird fiction with a horrific slant for this. I am going to invite some of the roster to help me look over the stories the best 18 will be picked for the book and if you are published send me a third person bio and your headshot. Something I haven’t done since Quakes And Storms: A Natural Disaster Anthology — included pictures of the authors in the bios. So what I recommend in reading of my work to get you fan fiction writers started — Wandering In Darkness. Which I did a metahorror story akin to Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. The manuscript for Library of Bones became part of the story and The Fandom Writer II was a story in Library of Bones.