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Well it is official. Gruesome Cargo II is too long for Morpheus Tales, I wanted to have a short story to submit to them but the cut off is 3000 words. Gruesome Cargo II is starting to be just over 4000 words. It is my first short story where I hit that range in a long while. I might submit it to an anthology when I find one that I like. It seems like the anthology market is slim and I’ve been blacklisted from submitting to Static Movement. I thought about submitting for Diabolic Tales III but I don’t want to see happen what happened to II being slated to appear like I was with the first anthology then end up getting cut from the project all together. The second I was slated, but no contributor copy or anything.
      I don’t think I am weird enough for Bizarro Central, they will tell me it is too traditional for what they are looking for and it might be way too graphic for Dark Gothic Resurrected. I mean this one is graphic with the imagery of self-cannibalism. I am thinking about stories to write as the pen name or come up with a second pen name to write more extreme horror along the lines of Reverend Steven Rage. The story is going to be huge and cinematic. The novel is going to have a life of its own — there are some publishers who want to blacklist me because I called their staff a cunt and made the claim I submitted for one of their projects. Then go out of their way to call my body of work fan fiction.
      Never submit to a publisher that calls your entire body of work fan fiction. That is a direct insult especially when their only publishing history is what they did in house with their catalog. K.H. Koehler is buddies with my fat evil ex-fiancee, it wouldn’t surprise me if she publishes the plagiarized novel. They were trying to publish a novel by Brian Keene trying to disassociate a title with my name and company. Brian Keene wanted to do a bizarro novel called Lake Fossil with Skullvines Press and I got pissed because Lake Fossil is an important story to me because it was me crossing over to write science fiction. It was my proving ground as science fiction writer. The fags at Skullvines made fun of Withersin Magazine, and they published the fuckheaded queer named Scott Colbert. His publishing company didn’t survive because the entire staff were a flaming bag of severed cocks. I clashed with all three founding members of that publishing company. One of them when he was just starting out and raised a hissy fit because he wanted out of Tabloid Purposes IV. I am glad he wasn’t included in the anthology. Lawrence Dagstine threatened to shut me down because the writer at the time was fourteen years old, but now in retrospect I am glad he wasn’t included in the book because he caused too much drama. The author they were slated to get is a writer who picked a fight with me on my message board on AuthorsDen.com in 2006 just as I was selling my fiction to small token payment magazines in the small press and being published for a collaboration. I call T.M. Wright a rotted corpse in the business. He is too much of an asshole in the mass market, and the mass market is full of assholes.
      Snuff Books were ran by a bunch of assholes who didn’t last long in the business, Erick Enck compiled a shitty anthology formatting wise with a good cover that was wasted on the book. It was all wonky and it was in support of the bullies Predators and Editors, they never read a single book I edited or published but they are quick to pull their pants down and use my company as their public toilet. Bandersnatch Books’ main publisher is the same way, the cocksucker hates traditional horror and classic horror — he one starred The Temple by H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe. He likes to write about graphic displays of gay sex and male rape. While the other co-publisher writes a really sick thing called male male romance in horror settings, he would had polluted Tabloid Purposes IV with that shit.
      Dark Gothic Resurrected pretty much saved Tabloid Purposes IV from being polluted with alternative sexual content. I feel bad for not promoting the appearance in Dark Gothic Resurrected, just seeing as sample of that story left a bad taste in my mouth because that is not the thing I will look at for Tabloid Purposes IV. It might work for Queer Fear or Queer Fear II but it wouldn’t work for Tabloid Purposes IV. He submitted for the fouth book and was slated to appear in the book but when I found out he came out, I am glad he wasn’t included because it went against my beliefs.