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When you write horror like me and a bachelor, it is hard to find a girlfriend or eventually in my case a wife. They get scared off by the dark imagination and macabre ideas. As a straight man I struggle with the stigmas that go with the genre — they assume the writers are homosexual and take it up the ass. I had been haunting craigslist and posting personal ads for a few years now and had a few bites. The woman ends up having issues and she just wants to be friends instead. I had been on one date and that was in November with a woman who is the sister of an ex-girlfriend. She wanted to take the sister with her in the date, that was awkward. I joined pof.com to see if I get much luck there. So far so good, but she is not the dark alternative type — in my ad I posted looking for little miss scare all. In other words I am looking for my Morticia Addams. The nice body and looks good in a mini skirt.
     &nbps;In the small press I had the rock star moments, John Everson witnessed one of them when I was signing body parts at a book signing on a beautiful Goth model who did my first interview on video. I was still a fledgling publisher and just put out two anthologies promoting Paul W. Finch and Barbara Malenky. I have no problem getting a date, but it always turns into a one night stand. I am looking for ms. right not miss right here right now. There are other writers in the business who are noted to be confirmed bachelors in the business. I used to date a fantasy writer by the name of Serena Carrington the author of Avalon. She was published two years before me and I decided to publish her in the magazine, the question is could I keep it professional with the woman I loved from middle into high school.
      Would I date a woman who also works in the industry? That is a good question. I don’t want the stigma that all horror writers are homosexuals especially erotic horror writers. I worked with writers who are happily married or have a girlfriend if they are a guy or a boyfriend if they are a girl. I work mainly with straight writers but sometimes one sneaks under the radar until after the book comes out and the next anthology they appear in is with the cult gay writer. Brian Keene and the editor of Queer Fear chimed in on my social life on his blog, calling me dreadful — Brian Keene still reels from the insults I say at the expense of Mary Sangiovanni. Mary can’t accept I am one of her peers in the small press as well as kealan Patrick Burke. In my memoir I say I could easy of been classmates with either of them in high school, I could easy been a class mate of Andrew Wolter because all of us are in the same age bracket. The stigmas in the genre are there with finding love and writing this genre — the married writers have easier luck when their wife writes in the genre too. This is the post where Keene makes my life a living nightmare online — Win a date with Nickolaus Pacione. One of my contributors caught wind of that and was asking me if I authorized that. Keene lifted my craiglsit personal ad and made fast friends with my ex-wife-to-be and celebrated fan fiction writer Christine Morgan decided to chime in on that one. I don’t know about all of you, but how many of you have to deal with an evil ex-fiancee making friends with publishing companies that make fun of the publishes who ran my work.
      Rival editor Micheal Rowe of Queer Fear fame said this of me on Brian Keene’s blog, “Oh, he’s just dreadful, isn’t he? Just dreadful.” Yeah I remember that cockgobbler. I sent The Fandom Writer to ChiZine for their contest in 2004 but the editor head editor turned around and decided to blacklist me from submitting to the publication, I then asked him how was his rectal cancer. I am not afraid to insult the ones who want to blacklist me from the industry — when I did Tabloid Purposes, Queer Fear was a few years old and still had a following among certain circles. When I did Tabloid Purposes I wanted no graphic displays of same sex fucking male or female, I wanted classic style horror stories in the traditional sense. Brian Keene wanted to make it hard for me to find little miss scare all in 2011 and discredited me as an author when I appeared along side an interview the magazine did with him. I use that magazine to shut him up because I am publishable. Skullvines Press calls my body of work fan fiction, they are bunch of cockgobblers sucking each other off and swallowing each others load.