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Gruesome Cargo II got turned down from Clarkesworld — I guess it was too graphic for them so I submitted it to Nightmare Magazine. I wonder if Nightmare is helmed by the publisher I yelled at on the phone for stealing my photography on The Other Dark Place. There are some publishers out there that don’t want to ever see me get published by calling me a fan fiction writer. Well they lack a publishing history and credits to back up their publishing company. I will never submit to them because they are tools and like to bully people. My conservatism is sort of a challenge in getting published because more gay writers are getting published on different e-zines and one e-zine called me homophobic because I was critical of the gay angle in the horror genre. I get shit because I wrote The Fandom Writer nine years later, I got death threats for writing it. I criticized the story as a Christian and looked at it from that angle, Christians tend to be shunned in the genre because they speak out against homosexuality.
      I broke in a lot of Christians when I first started, and published some liberal writers too. When I wrote my first pro-life horror story I was going to have a really hard time placing it so I thought fuck it and published it in the pages of The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 11. Since I don’t write sexual content I look for new subject matter to piss people off with. I am going to submit the Lloyd Phillip Campbell penned story to Morpheus Tales. I am going to introduce a new pen name to write a dystopic Lovecraftian horror story. Mixing Lovecraftian Horror with cyberpunk Science Fiction. That is another subgenre I started writing in and Tabloid Purposes: Book Five was cyberpunk. The story as Lloyd Phillip Campbell has the disgraced publisher Panic Press became a horror plaything — I might make a plaything out of Marc Lyth because of the shit he caused with flagging Issue 10. S.E. Cox became one of my playthings when writing horrific things happening to characters. Fred Coppersmith had a feud with me a few years back where I called him a Brokeback mountain fan fiction publisher. That feud inspired the transgressive House of Cards which was a study of writers who write real person fiction.
      I am not afraid to drop faggot in my work, I did it with FUCKBEATER a story that borrows from FIGHT CLUB and AMERICAN PSYCHO though not influenced by either of those writers. I was really pissed off at Angeline Hawkes for getting me thrown out of the HWA after selling to Naked Snake Press. I taunted her in my deadjournal saying I Was going to submit to every market she got published in. What is fucked up with her is I used to respect her, she turned into a bitch when she found out I wrote The Fandom Writer and there were a lot of other writers wanting to see me hang for writing that story. The story as Lloyd Phillip Campbell is a critical study at publishers of horrotica and puts them in fucked up situations. Cunt’s Deadline is the most fucked up story I did as him and it is him writing real person horror featuring two who gave the company the most shit over the last two years — Marc Lyth pulled a Kody Boye with The Ethereal Gazette. I call Lyth one of the biggest assholes in the business, that honor belongs to the now defunct Snuff Books. I outlasted all these publishers who are assholes. Just have a hard time finding a market for what I write under my own name and will be finding a market to write as Lloyd Phillip Campbell.
      Cunt’s Deadline is going to be a critical study of erotic horror. I am paying homage to the bloody pulps with his story. My magazine was done in the tradition of the bloody pulps and the science fiction fanzines of the 1980s. Publishing a science fiction legend was something that I might not ever do again because it was hard to get the permission to publish the story. I am going to link up Weird As It Comes to keep everyone reading while I work on the Lloyd Phillip Campbell submission to Morpheus Tales — this might be too controversial for them. I am planning more controversial yarns too to live up to what Donna Burgess billed me as when she was promoting House of Spiders 3 — I am controversial because of my Conservative slant on the genre. I am the alternative to writers Clive Barker and Poppy Z. Brite. I was thriving to be the alternative since the beginning, and someone asked me what I thought of Poppy when I was twenty. I said. “Poppy sucks, I can write better than her on a bad day.”